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Hamilton, Umbrella Academy, etc.: This is something worth broadcasting live in July 2020

With a few notable exceptions (cough cough “Hamilton”), most streaming services are on summer vacation in July, which allows budget-conscious subscribers to save some money without having to worry about missing the buzz, which is worth a look New show.

As mentioned earlier in this column, consumers can take advantage of the ability to increase and decrease streaming services each month to take full advantage of thread trimming, and all they have to do is plan and schedule. Remember to start a billing cycle after registration, not at the beginning of each month.

Consumers can also take advantage of free trial streaming transactions, because Disney and Apple pay special attention to building a user base, rather than (at least temporarily) not increasing revenue. You will never get a better deal than free, and the discount will not last forever.

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In addition to the possibility of free, when it is necessary to determine where your subscription costs go, it is worth streaming media can help you. Every month we rate each major streaming service as “play”

;, “pause” or “stop”, similar to investment analysts’ ratings on buying, holding and selling, and choosing the best content to help you do Make a monthly decision.

The following are the development trends of various streaming services in July 2020 and the true value of monthly subscription fees.

Netflix ($8.99 or $12.99 per month)

Netflix Inc.
+ 0.86%

It is one of the few services that will be fully launched in July, and a large number of new versions have been released. This is a particularly good month for young people, from “Nanny Club” (July 3), updated a series of beloved novels, telling the story of a group of young friends starting their own babysitting business. If you want to grow old, please know that Alicia Silverstone is playing the mother of one of the girls. and also “Kissing Pavilion 2” (July 24), a sequel to this popular teen romantic comedy movie; Season 2 “Umbrella Academy” (July 31), a weird drama about the incompetence of superhero siblings, who found themselves transported to Dallas in the 1960s in the new season;“curse” (July 17), a new interpretation of the legend of King Arthur, focusing on a young heroine who is destined to become a tragic “Girl in the Lake”; and“Warrior Nun” (July 2), a superhero action movie about an orphan, the teenager woke up in the morgue.

For adults, Charlize Theron in supernatural action movies “Old Guard” (July 10), about a team of non-lethal mercenaries who are protecting the mortal world. Although it sounds stupid, it can well meet the demand for unconscious entertainment that summer. and also “Fatal Event” (July 15), a family thriller starring Nia Long and Omar Epps; Season 2 “against the wind” (July 1), this should be a satisfying Finnish police drama that should appeal to Nordic fans; and “Stateless” (July 8), an Australian drama series about four strangers starring Cate Blanchett and Yvonne Strahovski in one Crossing experience in immigration detention centers. We can’t forget “unsolved puzzle” (July 1st), restarted the 80s documentary that caused chicken skin umps and checked everything from murder, missing persons to UFOs. Before you ask, since no one can replace Robert Stark or his mean voice, there will be no host for this show.

The outstanding ESPN documentary streaming debut also provided some help for hungry sports fans “The Last Dance” (July 19), about the Michael Jordan and Chicago Bulls championship game held in 1997-98; and the final season of the junior football documentary“Last Chance U” (July 28) The focus is on the struggle and success of Lanny College in Auckland. The series will shift its focus to college basketball next season.

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Who’s Netflix? Fans of original shows and movies worthy of buzz.

Play, pause or stop? play. Netflix is ​​still the gold standard for streaming, with a deep library and seemingly constantly providing new programs.

Disney+ ($6.99 per month)

Baby Yoda, know Alexander Hamilton. Since its launch in the second half of last year, Disney+ has become the most popular streaming product for the first time, thanks to “Hamilton” (July 3) This is a popular version of Broadway’s movie, which happened to be screened on the weekend of July 4. It was originally scheduled to be released in the cinema in October 2021, but because the pandemic forced the film to be rescheduled, we now buy it instead. There are no complaints here. “Hamilton” was filmed in 2016, starring Lin-Manuel Miranda and other cast members, is a must-see streaming event in summer, and is likely to attract Walt Disney (Walt Disney Co.)
+ 2.21%


Speaking of new users, Disney+ has just ended a 7-day free trial. What a coincidence! However, it costs a lot of money to pay a subscription fee of $6.99 per month for people who watch a show to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to watch a show.

Disney+ is also increasing “Puppet now” (July 31), a new, unscripted series featuring celebrity interviews and sketch comedies conducted by Kermit the Frog, Piggy Piggy and other gang members. The service will also enhance its “Star Wars” lineup by adding the following “Solo: The Story of Star Wars” To be honest, this is not as bad as it was when it was released in 2018.

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Who’s Disney+? Family with children, as well as die-hard “Star Wars” and Marvel fans. For those who are not in this category, there is a lack of libraries, but the addition of “Hamilton” makes July the best time to sample a month and view its contents.

Play, pause or stop? play. “Hamilton” for $6.99. Who can refuse?

HBO Max ($14.99 per month)

Yes, it is still the most expensive streaming service. However, as with traditional HBO cable subscription fees, HBO Max provides more services. It quickly gained a reputation as the preferred service for old movies (“Jews”, “Casablanca”, “Citizen Kane” For beginners), and more options will be added in July, including ““The Exorcist”, “The Blazing Saddle” with “The right thing.”

In July, only a few original episodes were released on Max, the most notable of which was the Amy Schumer documentary series “Looking forward to Amy” (July 9), documented comedian’s talk show trip during pregnancy and Vietnamese American reality show “Mansion” (July 16). But HBO’s new episode is also very fresh “Perry Mason,” A dark, bleak series of private investigators starring Matthew Rhys; disturbing real crime documentary“I will disappear in the dark”; And can visit HBO’s huge and high-quality library. It is worth seeing that you may have missed: “Betty,” A shot that Dream dreams about, a video about various skateboard girls.

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Who is HBO Max suitable for? HBO fans and classic movie lovers. Despite its strangeness, since AT&T Inc., it is still not suitable for Roku or Amazon Fire users.

HBO Max has not yet reached a deal with the two largest streaming equipment manufacturers. But the deal may eventually be reached, and for those who can’t get a deal through Roku or Fire, Max can watch it online.

Play, pause or stop? Pause and think carefully. Although there are still a lot of old shows and movies worth watching, July is a rare slow period of new HBO content.

Hulu ($5.99 per month or $11.99 per month without advertising)

The gourd is on vacation for one month. almost. The only notable increase in July was “Palm Springs” (July 10), “Groundhog Day” survival romantic comedy starring Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, in the Sundance film The festival was well received and sold for a record price of US$17,500,000.69. (It’s 69 cents that makes it top the list.)

Apart from some good old movies and previously broadcast TV shows, there were not many other things in July. But this is where Hulu’s impressive library is located, and it provides an opportunity to check out new programs worth ecstatic, such as the existence of science fiction “equipment” Hilarious Irish Romance “Ordinary people,” Catherine satire“the best” And Season 2 of the Muslim American Lazy Comedy that won the Peabody Award “Lami,” And older gems, such as the killer case in Australia“Sir. In the middle,” Anti-romcom “You are the worst” And Donald Glover (Donald Glover) outstanding and genre “Atlanta.”

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Who gave it to Hulu? TV lovers. For those who want older TV shows, there is a deep library, and the next day’s streaming can watch many current Internet and cable TV shows.

Play, pause or stop? time out. Although Hulu is still the highest value in streaming media, there are not many price reduction opportunities in July, so if you want to cut expenses, it may be a good time now. On the other hand, there are many things in the vault that can justify the cost.

Amazon Prime Video ($12.99 per month)

One thing Amazon Prime Video did well was to make a better action series than they needed. “Hannah” (July 3) is a typical example. He raised the stakes based on familiar premises, wonderful battle scenes, sharp writing and deep emotional characters. The conspiracy thriller/adult drama tells a conspiracy thriller of a young super soldier pursued by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which was unexpected last year, and the second season (which ends on July 3) hopes to provide more Many of the same videos.

Otherwise, it’s a sparse month for Amazon, and Amazon’s other major new product is the “Marie Curie” biopic “Radioactive” (July 24), starring Rosamond Pike; stand-up comedy with Jim Gaffigan “Pale Tourist” (July 24)-It looks good, but no inspiration. Subscribers are best to catch up on the programs they missed, such as bending over and amazing animations“undone” Creepy relationship comedy“disaster” And afterlife comedy “Upload.”

Amazon.com Inc. also has fewer new movies than usual

Streaming media service, this may be due to changes in licensing transactions when HBO Max was released, and WarnerMedia has reserved more movies for its own use. Amazon’s movie library is still three times that of its closest competitor (Netflix), although many of them are documentaries and direct production videos.

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Whose main video? Movie lovers, TV drama fans value quality over quantity.

Play, pause or stop? stop. “Hannah” will be waiting for you later, you won’t miss a lot of things because you are addicted to summer Prime Video.

Peacock (free basic level, $4.99 per month with ads, $9.99 per month without ads)

Do we really need other streaming services? For most people, the good news is that if we talk about peacocks, it won’t. “Peacock” was launched to some Comcast cable TV customers in April and will be open to the public on July 15. Divided into three layers: a free layer with ads and 7,500 hours of content; a premium layer with 15,000 hours of content (free for some Comcast and Cox cable subscribers, others $4.99 per month), none The premium version of the ad is $9.99 per month.

It’s not Comcast Corp.’s long-awaited service
+ 0.75%

NBCUniversal does not have a good library-it does. But most of its programs can also be watched for free on NBC, and many programs can also be watched on Hulu (until their license contract expires). Peacock will launch a small number of originals, and all three scripted original series are strangely made in the UK. The most prominent is a new concept “Beautiful New World,” Based on 1932 Utopia/Dystopia Aldous Huxley writings; With “intelligence,” Spy/workplace comedy starring David Schwimmer; and conspiracy thriller “capture.” There is also a pair of documentaries, Ryan Lochte from Olympia and Nascar driver Dale EarnhardtJr. a new one “psychological” Movies; animated kids performing“Curious George”, “Where is Waldo?” with“Cleopatra in Space” Its title can almost explain its premise.

In addition, there are a large number of old content libraries, including “30 Rocks”, “Parks and Entertainment Places”, “Star Wars Galactica” with “Friday Night Light” And such as “Murder, she wrote”, “Saved by the bell” with “Cheers,” And about 600 movies. Users can also access late night programs and live sports programs as early as possible.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the peacock badly. Its starting point should have been the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, but due to production shutdowns, most of its initial programming has been postponed until 2021.

Who is the peacock? If you miss the wire cutters of Internet TV, the free version of Peacock is great. If you are eligible for a premium membership through Comcast or Cox subscription, then it is also a perfect free supplement.

Play, pause or stop? stop. The free version is a good choice, but for most people, the paid level is not necessary.

CBS All Access ($5.99 or $9.99 per month, no ads)

Although Jordan Peele’s second season was that CBS All Access seemed to be on vacation in July, no new series was scheduled “Vague Zone” It declined in late June and received good reviews. But the planned relaunch includes news, live sports and more shows from ViacomCBS Inc.

The Internet family-including MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central, essentially doubled their program library-has been postponed from summer to sometime in 2021.

Who is it for? Missed the wire cutters of Internet TV.

Play, pause or stop? stop. The revised version may be interesting, but until then, the price it offers is too high.

Apple TV+ ($4.99 per month)

And Apple
+ 2.30%

Continuing to sign impressive development deals (such as Martin Scorsese’s next movie), Apple TV+ still has nothing to watch. July will bring its debut “Little voice” (July 10), a musical drama series about a young woman finding her way in a big city and singing the original music of Sara Bareilles, and “Ghost Lion” (July 10), the World War II movie, with Tom Hanks as the captain, led the convoy through the Atlantic under the constant threat of Nazi submarines. Due to the pandemic, Apple bought this high-profile movie in May after it withdrew from the theater release in May. For those who are curious about Apple products, this may be the entry point for a 7-day free trial.

Who’s Apple TV+? This is a big problem-it does provide something for everyone, but it is not enough for anyone. There are hidden gems, such as a selection of immigration stories “Little America” Animated musical “central Park” And workplace comedy “Mythical Mission: Crow’s Banquet” But it is not enough.

Play, pause or stop? stop. Since it has the shallowest library among other streaming services and only one or two original libraries per month, it is still not worth buying at an outrageously low price.

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