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Halloween full moon, blue moon: what it means


Our big beauty.
Image: Robyn Beck/AFP, Getty Images

After the moon has been soaked for a few days, this weekend, she will really leave.

Yes, yes, there will be a full moon on Halloween night. But this is not a normal Halloween full moon. This is a very special full moon for Halloween. Witnessing a full moon on Halloween is quite rare-it happens only once every 19 years or so, and it is usually only visible at night in a few US time zones. But what we saw on the 31st is even rarer: it is a blue moon, which means the second full moon in a month, and it will be visible throughout the United States. For the last time everyone in the country was able to lift their heads up to the sky on Halloween 1944, standing under the shining full moon fascinated. It is indeed a blessing from the moon.

Now maybe you, like myself, want to know how this extraordinary event will affect you? According to the expert opinion of the astrologer Kirah Tabourn, he recently talked in “Earth Cut” about everything that the planets rehearsed for us before the election. This full moon in Taurus will be “stiff” and possibly ” Shake” so it won’t come. “Cool.

As for the combination of the full moon and Halloween, time will tell. For public health reasons, you should definitely avoid crowded indoor gatherings. And, just to say a word, it’s hard to imagine a more dangerous combination than a full moon (emotional high), clothing (by giving you relative anonymity to make you dare to be in the worst behavior), and alcohol. I would be happy to wait until 2039, the next time we have a full moon on Halloween, to see what kind of toxic reaction will happen.

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