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Hair loss could be another consequence of the pandemic

She said that not all patients suffer from Covid-19, but patients who do have this condition often develop rapidly from one or two baldness to “loss of all hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.” She said this may be because the inflammatory storm experienced by some Covid patients increases immune molecules related to diseases such as hair loss.

Experts do not fully understand why stress triggers these conditions, which affect men and women. Dr. Hogan said this may be related to cortisol, increased levels of stress hormones, or effects on blood supply.

Dr. Khetarpal said that hair loss itself can cause more stress, especially for women, whose hair is usually closely related to identity and self-confidence.

“This is your trademark,” said Mary Lou Ostling, a 77-year-old retired educator who lives near the town of Stevisent in Manhattan. She said that she was hospitalized for Covid-19 for eight days in the early spring, and later discovered that “my hair started to fall out,” she said. “I’ve been cleaning hair from combs, brushes and sinks.”

Ms. Osterlin said that she could also say that her hair did not grow much because she did not see roots that were the opposite of the color that had been dyed before.

She said: “I always have very long, thick, very curly hair.” But in July, “all my work was interrupted. I can’t handle it anymore.”

When she came home from the barbershop, she said, “My husband just stared at me. He said, “I think I have another wife. “It’s frustrating.” She said she finally started to notice some hair growth.

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