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GTA 3 and Vice City reverse engineering projects are cancelled

The projects that reverse engineered Grand Theft Auto 3 (Grand Theft Auto 3) and Vice City (Vice City) have been cancelled. Supporters of this event received a DMCA notice that appeared to be Rockstar’s parent company, Take Two.

According to Eurogamer’s report, the source code for these two open-world games was rebuilt and made available online to any team used by players and fans, and was eliminated this week. The file is visible on GitHub, claiming to be from someone at Take-Two, who said that the work was “no permission of any kind” and that “the best and only solution is to completely delete the aforementioned page”, as well as the checklist. The file is deleted.

GitHub apparently deleted these files immediately, although the project leader was not sure this was from Take-Two, they thought it was “better to assume it was real.”

; The re3 and reVC projects are reverse-engineered GTA 3 and reverse-engineered Vice City, respectively, which means that modifiers and developers can change criminal games in previously unforeseen ways, and make repairs and changes to make them change overall. Better and more friendly. With these new versions, the loading screen has been removed or reduced, the compatibility of the controller has been enhanced, widescreen support and more features have been implemented.

Other systems and other enhancements such as ray tracing are also under development. The use of re3 and reVC requires that you already own these two games, the purpose of which is for education and modification. The disclaimer says: “We do not encourage piracy or commercial use.” However, if the copyright owner disagrees, this is certainly not a protection.

Check out the following showcases:

The story of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City, derived from the PSP in 2005, is the next treatment plan, but whether there will be problems now. As for “Grand Theft Auto V”, it continues to move copies in tons and is still numbered on Twitch.

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