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Great hiding place for parents to find console Christmas gifts

PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly one of the most popular products this holiday, many parents work overtime to ensure that the game console as a Christmas gift. Considering the effort required by most people, parents should hardly be blamed for working overtime to ensure that secrets are well hidden. Reddit user bbbbbbbbbb99 shared an image of the perfect hiding place for the PS5: on the bottom rack of the dishwasher, because most teenagers are not the best people to actually open the device to place the tableware! Of course, as some Reddit users have quickly pointed out, if the dishwasher is turned on in some way, it may backfire!

The original Reddit post can be found below.

We know that teenagers will never find it here. From r/funny

As the holidays begin to weaken, it is interesting to see what impact it will have on the demand for PS5 consoles. After the system was released in November, PS5 devices were difficult to track. In the secondary market, the suggested retail price of the console is more than twice its suggested retail price, and the use of robots may exacerbate the suggested retail price. The demand for game consoles this year is so high that it even led to one of the best skits of the season for “Saturday Night Live” because a fan infatuatedly wrote to Santa Claus asking for a game console . Obviously, in the past few months, the system has become a cultural phenomenon!

Although some parents and fans can easily get the system, others can hardly be blamed for delaying purchasing PS5 until the end of the holiday. After all, you can also buy some of the best games on the system on PS4. System shortages are very common during startup, especially considering the fact that most consoles tend to start around November. Back in October, Sony announced plans to sell 7.6 million PS5 consoles worldwide by March 2021. If the company hopes to reach this ambitious sales figure, it will need to make the host more accessible, which will bring more opportunities to fans.

Did you find the PS5 under the Christmas tree this year? What is the best console for your vacation? Let us know in the comments, or share your thoughts directly on Twitter @Marcdachamp and talk about everything about the game!

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