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Google wants Google Maps to be the only thing you need to plan a night

The company describes this as a way for Maps to become "assistive and personal", making it easier to figure out what to do and where to go. Part of it is simple, to avoid wasting time scrolling through endless four-star lists on other platforms while looking for a place to go. Instead, you get curated lists, which is good, based on the area or neighborhood you are looking for.

There will be lists such as the foodie list, data from trusted publishers, local experts, other users and Google's algorithms. You'll see where the "Tastemakers" go, and even get a tick-list to track the joints you've visited and the ones you still need to see. When you select a restaurant, you will receive a match, a score of a hundred, that tells you how likely you are to enjoy it.

It's Those Most Interesting Match Scores It's basically Google's own algorithms that tell you how you think you like a particular place. The system will use what it already knows about you, where you've been before and if you've previously submitted ratings for places. If you want to improve your score, you need to train the system by rating more places and adding them to your lists.

Google is also trying to simplify group planning by placing two seats and offering it for voting. All invited guests can then choose where they want to hang out, Google Maps will make the reservation for you and can even schedule rides to and from the restaurant.

If that was not enough, a new "For You" tab informs you about all the exciting culinary adventures taking place in your 'hood. You can follow an area, get updates when new restaurants open, or schedule pop-ups for your favorite chefs.

The new features will be available in the near future for both Android and iOS users Feature that will beat you in the face if you think about loading Yelp. Just fun.

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