Google Meet finally caught up with Zoom in the only important way: a custom background. Now you can not only reduce background noise and/or blur the background, but you can also completely replace it with an image of your choice. ew, it took long enough, right?

From now on, for the Google Workspace on the Rapid Release domain, and from November 6th, for the Google Workspace on the planned release domain, users will be able to choose from Google’s own various images, or through Chrome OS, Windows and Chrome on macOS uploads photos of yourself on Meet. Education users who start the meeting room will not be able to use this feature.

When you see this new icon in the “Conference Call” and preview pages, you will know when to get a custom background. Click on it, and then choose whether you want to use the light blur effect, a stronger blur effect, a pre-loaded background or a background uploaded by yourself. Later this year, if you are in a G Suite organization, administrators can choose to control who can use custom and preset backgrounds.

Meet’s mobile app will get this feature in a future update, so it will continue to catch up with Zoom’s Android app.

You can check this blog post from the AI ​​team to learn more about how Google designed its theme filters to improve performance and efficiency.