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Google Docs comments are abused to send spam

Have you received an email about new comments in Google Docs or other Google Workspace files that you don’t recognize? Don’t click on the included link, as it is likely to be a new source of spam, which abuses annotations in Google documents, tables, and slides.

When working on documents in Google Docs, Slides, or any other Google Workspace app, you can add notes to suggest changes or just serve as footnotes.In these comments, you can also use @ Then there is the email address, which is used to mark people who you think need to see that particular note or part of the Google Doc.

It seems that sometime this year (the earliest report we can find is from August), spammers realized that they could use Google Docs/Slides/etc annotations to send any message to any Email address, and the email will be from the trusted sender Google.Judging from multiple reports this month [1

, 2, 3],as well as 9to5Google In recent days, the group has received similar spam messages, and it seems that the work of spammers may be strengthening.

If you received one of these emails, the most important thing is Don’t click Because it redirects to malicious targets that might try to steal your account information. Otherwise, just delete and ignore the email.

If these emails become persistent, it is actually an easy way to filter out these spam comments without affecting most incoming emails related to Google Docs and other Workspace applications. This is Yelin Ye posted it on the Gmail Help Forum. Because the spammer does not have the proper access rights to the tagged email address to leave his own comments, every spam email contains the phrase “You have no right to comment.”

This latest attack is very similar to a long-standing problem with Google Drive, which allows anyone to share malicious or unwanted files to any Google account. At the beginning of last year, Google stated that they were “prioritizing” finding a solution to the problem.

Update 10/28: Google has shared with 9to5Google They are “introducing other measures” specifically to prevent such spam from posting in comments on documents, slides and other Google Workspace files. These new preventive measures are just part of Google’s continuous discovery and closure of new spam campaigns.

How to eliminate Google Docs comment spam from your Gmail inbox:

  1. Open Gmail in your desktop/laptop web browser.
  2. Click the down arrow in the search box.
  3. In the box labeled “with text”, enter the phrase “you have no right to comment.”

    Make sure to include the quotes!

  4. Click “Create Filter” and choose what you want to do with the email.

    We have selected “Mark as Read” and “Skip Inbox” so that we can find any legitimate emails again if needed. However, you may prefer to select “Delete it”.

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