Google has always been quite generous with cloud storage, but the policy finally began to change in the second half of last year. In addition to the free high-quality photo upload feature provided for free, all files created in Drive will also be counted in your total storage space starting on June 1. Although most people only have a few months left for these changes to take effect, Workspace and G Suite users have been extended to move the dates of these accounts to February 1

, 2022.

This policy delay means that all files produced in Drive (including documents, tables, slides, engineering drawings, tables, and Jamboards) will not be tied to the data quota of the Workspace account before next year. Photo uploads are not affected by this change. Regardless of the account type, starting from June 1st, photo uploads will still be included in the storage space. According to Google, this Workspace user extension is specifically designed to provide companies with time to implement new management tools to manage and view data distribution. By February, administrators will be able to see how much space is occupied by documents and other files in each individual Drive.

When Google does enable the Workspace account switch next year, the same rules that took effect for individual users in June will apply. All unedited files created before February 2022 will not be included in the storage space, but all new documents and all edited content will be included in the total data usage of your account. Although it will take time for Google to launch its new tool, administrators can already use Workspace reports to see how each user’s data is broken down.