As one of the most important applications on smartphones, Google has been adjusting the Play Store to improve its usability and design. Earlier this month, a controversial test was discovered that took hamburgers off the menu. Now, the Play Store is experimenting with a new change that can show direct comparisons between similar apps to allow users to determine which app best suits their needs.

The “Compare apps”

; section is displayed in the list of various apps near the bottom of the page, although it seems to be limited to some popular media players at the moment. When it appears, it will display popular applications similar to the current list, and compare them based on ease of use and whether they support offline playback and projection.

Google often asks simple questions to people who leave app reviews, and the data displayed may be based on such user feedback. There are so many apps in the Play Store, so the best apps are hard to reach the top. It seems a wise choice to compare some options side by side so that users can see their choices.

Like many other tests conducted by Google, it is impossible to determine when or if it will be widely promoted. It is widely known in the 22.4.28 version of the Play Store, but the server-side component is likely to decide whether to display the new app comparison section. Hope it will become mainstream soon-I will definitely like this better than the current Play Store app listing page.