According to reports, the number of searches for “how to vote” in the United States is higher than ever. If you are looking for the nearest place to vote in advance, where to post your ballot, or where to go on election day, Google can help you. Today, it is launching a new “search and map”

; function to help you find the answers you need to vote.

You can test the new features by searching for terms such as “early voting locations” or “ballot boxes near me.” Google will then provide detailed information about where you can vote in person or post mail. After that, you will be able to click into Google Maps to get information about location, direction and voting time. Google cited the “voting information project” (a non-partisan partnership between the Democratic Project and state election officials) as the information source for this new search feature.

Google also mentioned that updated features will be provided to Assistant soon, allowing you to request voting information anytime, anywhere. As the election ends quickly, these features will definitely help many people-I hope these features will be in effect when I give up the vote. Try out new features and hear your voice on election day.