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Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase delist some Hong Kong products


3 monster growth stocks that may reach new highs

Investors have a clear task: to find stocks that are rising as the bull market approaches. Of course, past performance does not guarantee future earnings, but the rapid growth of stocks in recent months is a logical place to start looking for tomorrow’s winners. Of course, what people worry about is the US Senate controlled by the New Democrats, which will give the incoming Biden administration a chance to implement its tax increase plan, as well as the poor number of jobs in December. Credit Suisse’s Jonathan Golub said whether their combination would disrupt the market’s strong upward trend? The company’s chief U.S. equity strategist raised its year-end forecast for 2021

from 4,050 to 4,200. Golub pointed out that first, the Democratic candidate won two seats in the Georgia Senate in the most recent vote. The hospital conducts effective control, although the possible profit gap is small. The incoming Biden administration has pledged to sign an expanded COVID relief plan and overturn President Trump’s policies. Controlling Congress is a necessary prerequisite. Golub said: “This will bring more stimulus, including the expansion of payments to individuals.” Golub pointed out that the COVID vaccination plan is the main support event for the market, this is the second point. Although describing the slow progress of the plan as “disheartening,” he added that as the number of people vaccinated increases, economic activity will expand.Golub believes that the main economic impact of the lockdown policy is the “potentially suppressed consumer demand avalanche [which] Golub, who describes this demand, said, “In the second half of this year we will have the biggest stimulus event in the history of the earth…” Strategists now see-before taking off in the second half-buy. This brings us back to growth stocks. According to analysts, we have used TipRanks’ database to identify three exciting growth names. Every analyst-backed stock market is expected to earn more on top of its already impressive growth. Innovative Industrial Property Rights (IIPR) The increasing standardization of the US hemp industry has brought a series of opportunities for forward-looking companies. The attribute of innovative industry is one of them. The company is a real estate investment trust company whose business has changed-focusing on real estate in the medical cannabis sector. Like most REITs, IIPR acquires, owns, manages and leases real estate-but its target customer base consists of experienced, licensed medical marijuana operators. The company’s investment portfolio consists of industrial greenhouses, leased as growing facilities for medical cannabis providers. The value of this niche can be clearly seen from the performance of the stock. In the past 52 weeks, IIPR’s stock price has risen 137%. Financial performance is comparable to that of stocks; in the past two years, the company’s revenue has increased for a quarter of a quarter, reaching 34.33 million U.S. dollars in the third quarter of 20 (the latest report). This is a year-on-year increase of 197%. At the height of the corona panic, revenue in the first and second quarters of 2020 declined slightly, but the company’s EPS in the third quarter reversed this situation, and revenue from printing 86 cents increased by 59% year-on-year. Piper Sandler analyst Daniel Santos has seen the cannabis industry, especially after the Senate has transferred control to the Democratic Party. “As states scramble to fill budget gaps with other tax sources, COVID has created its own favorable conditions. Although this may lead to more free licenses, management seems confident in most states and they will choose limited options. Licensing plans, and will favor existing operators, which has a great boost to IIPR… A strong operator base and institutional investor demand may lead to faster pace, Santos pointed out. Santos rated IIPR as “increased “Hold” (ie “buy”), he set a target price of $250 as a 40% upside potential for the next 12 months. (To view Santos’s historical records, click here) In general, IIPR has 7Recently recorded comments, divided into 5 buys and 2 holds, gave the stock an analyst’s consensus rating of medium buy. The stock has recently appreciated rapidly and is currently trading at $178.44 (see TipRanks (IIPR stock analysis on) Par Technology Corporation (PAR) Par Technology provides support for the hotel industry, making software, hardware, support services and other resources available. PAR applications include point-of-sale software, content management, business intelligence, and food services. Fitness Surveillance, point-of-sale and video monitors. PAR’s restaurant business operates in 110 countries/regions with more than 100,000 user installations. The company also includes a government services department that provides computer-based engineering services and system design to the federal government. PAR It is an important contractor for such services to the US Department of Defense. The company’s growth in the past year has been impressive. The 52-week revenue was 103%, reflecting the need for PAR in its efforts to recover from the decline in COVID Provide strong online support to PAR’s target customer base. BTIG analyst Mark Palmer wrote: “Although we expect PAR’s restaurant and retail revenue, the revenue for the third quarter of 2020 has increased from the first half of the year. It recovered from the moderate decline, reaching $54.8 million, a record high in two years. In the next three years, it will grow by about 20% each year. We expect its Brink software business to achieve annual growth at a rate of 40% during this period… As PAR executes the transition to the cloud software/SaaS model, it estimates This five-star analyst set PAR a Buy’s rating at 80 US dollars and set its target stock price at 80 US dollars. The company should grow to better reflect the cyclical nature of its subscription-based revenue and its software product-related profits. This figure shows his confidence that the stock will rise 29% in one year. (To view Palmer’s track record, click here) PAR has strong support elsewhere on Wall Street. Except for the single holding, all four other analysts have commented in the past three months, recommending PAR stock as a buy. (See PAR stock analysis on TipRanks) Maxlinear, Inc. (MXL) The semiconductor industry is a crucial industry. Maxlinear produces chips that have multiple functions: wireless and data center infrastructure, industrial connectivity and IoT applications, cable broadband Connect to WiFi 6. Maxlinear products appear in digital TVs, mobile devices, personal computers and netbooks. Semiconductors have been in a downturn in recent months, and MXL stock is no exception. Since this period of January last year, the stock has risen 81%, and this time frame includes the sharp declines in February and March last year. The shift to remote work and virtual schools has made fast and reliable connections particularly important, which in turn has increased the demand for the underlying chipset. In the third quarter of 20 years, Maxlinear’s revenue jumped to 156 million US dollars, an increase of 140% from the previous quarter and a year-on-year increase of 95%. The company believes that the strong demand for broadband and connectivity products since the second quarter of 20 is the driving force for growth. Suji DeSilva, a five-star analyst at Roth Capital, has a flat bullish view on the stock, and his comments clearly show this. “We believe that MXL represents a unique investment opportunity in terms of broadband and network RF and mixed signal opportunities. We believe that due to ongoing remote work/learning, MXL’s housing networking demand continues to be strong. DeSilva believes that we expect MXL The fundamentals of CY21 will benefit from CY21’s acquisition growth. DeSilva has given MXL stock a target price of $50 and a “buy” rating. His target indicates a one-year upside of 34%. (To view DeSilva’s track record, please order Click here). In general, Wall Street is optimistic about the company, and the chip manufacturer greatly appreciates it. TipRanks analysis proves that MXL is a medium buy. The stock has 7 records, and there is a difference between buy and hold. Allocation ratio of 5 to 2. (See MXL stock analysis on TipRanks) To find a good idea for growth stocks that trade at attractive valuations, please visit TipRanks’ Best Buys to Buy, which is a newly launched A tool that combines all the stock insights of TipRanks. It is limited to those unique analysts. The content is for reference only. It is very important to conduct your own analysis before making any investment.

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