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Girl with Rapunzel syndrome eventually needs surgery

-A teenager with two rare diseases was finally hospitalized after passing out twice. She left a huge lighter. Live Science reported on cases outside the United Kingdom where a fainting spell caused a 17-year-old girl to appear in the hospital with head and head injuries due to a fall.Each case study is documented in BMJ case report, The teenager also mentioned that she had had stomach pains for five consecutive months, and that the situation had gotten worse in the past two weeks. The CT scan showed that the patient̵

7;s stomach was “significantly enlarged” and the stomach wall was split, the result of a beetle (i.e. a huge hairball) that was 19 inches long and ruptured. When the doctors operated on her to remove it, they found that the hair was too large, so that it “formed a cast of the entire stomach.”

It turns out that the girl suffers from trichomoniasis (a plucking disease that affects 0.5% to 3% of people) and trichomoniasis (including those who eat hair) (10% to 30% of the former The latter is also the case). Having these diseases does not mean that the girl is destined to go to the emergency room-only 1% of girls end up like this teenager with tangled hair and trapped in the intestines. This is a rare and sometimes fatal disease. Rapunzel syndrome. One week after the operation, the girl left the hospital, and the study author described her recovery as “nothing big or small”: a month later, she was said to have “diet recommendations went well” and attended a meeting with a psychologist with no signs of complications. (Read more stories about fur balls.)

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