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Gianluigi Buffon leaves Juventus; reveals offers that can stop retirement

Gianluigi Buffon has confirmed that he leaves Juventus after 17 years, his last game for the club on Saturday in Serie A against Hellas Verona, but not necessarily his career.

At a press conference in Turin – Buffon's house since 2001 – the 40-year-old admitted that he has not yet decided whether to retire or continue his career – with interesting offers.

"On Saturday I'm going to play a game and that's the only certainty," he said. "With [president] Andrea [Agnelli] we talk all the time and he knows everything that's going on in my life, and in fact he's a consultant I do not want to do without

" Up to two weeks ago It sure is that I would stop playing, but now there are some offers that have arrived to keep playing, or offers from out of the field ̵

1; and Andrea has made the best offer to me if I stop playing.

"I think after Saturday, when I have some rest, I will make my final decision, which will follow what comes out of me.

" Next week will be the week in which I decide what I will do It's a decision that will not change my way of feeling. Two weeks ago, I had accepted that I'm an ex-footballer, so I'll be free, whatever I do. The main thing is that I do not blame that half-life that I had at Juventus and those who believed in me.

"All that mattered to me ended up at Juve in the best possible way, not forgetting that Juve has a superb goalkeeper 13 years younger than me."

Juventus & Gianluigi Buffon Nicolo Campo / LightRocket on Getty Images

Liverpool and Paris Saint-Germain have both been linked to a move for Buffon, while Argentineans have also expressed interest in Boca Juniors. Buffon would not go into details about the identity of the clubs that gave him the chance to extend his career, except to say that he will not go on in Serie A or anywhere else, unless it's at a high level.

For Italy, we can not even talk about it, "he said." A return to Parma is a romantic childhood dream, but nothing more than that.

"Of course, I'm not the guy to have his career in any old minor league Animal and I could not cope in such a context. "

He added that he did not want to stand in the way of progress in the Italian national team, even though he was still in one of the European countries Top leagues are playing.

19659002] "For the national team, I said if Buffon became a problem three months ago, I do not think about what I would have been three months, six months, twelve months later," he said extremely hard to digest and something I want to distance myself from. I think the national team already has some great young players who need to be given a chance.

His voice trembled as he thanked the Bianconeri for giving him the opportunity to play with them, wishing Giorgio Chiellini is the best as he prepares to be the captaincy of the

"I would like to summarize what is a special day for me that I achieve with much serenity and happiness," he said. "These feelings are due to an amazing path that I share with many people could, who really liked me, and I felt this day by day and for that I struggled and tried to do my best.

"Saturday It will be my last game for Juventus and I think it's the best way to end this fantastic adventure. My fear was to arrive with Juice at the end of my adventure because someone is just tolerated or a player I can say it's not like that and I'm proud that I could possibly express it Not my best but achievements that always deserve my name and Juventus.

"That's the one greatest satisfaction, and that's why I'm so happy right now, because it's not something you take for granted to be able to perform there that level for so long.

Last November, a tearful Buffon appeared to announce his retirement from international football after defeat at the playoff defeat by Sweden an Italian jersey – and the captaincy – In the 0-2 defeat to Argentina in a friendly in March.

That was his 176th International Match Cup for Italy – since his debut against Russia in October 1997. This run includes the [45Jahrgang1945] Azzurri & # 39; s World Cup triumph 2006, just one of the many trophies and awards the 40-year-old has garnered throughout his career.

UEFA club footballer 2003 The year ends his career as the current best FIFA G Oalkeeper. He won Serie A nine times and Coppa Italia five times, and in 1999 he also won the UEFA Cup with Parma.

However, he missed the Champions League, although e r appeared in three playoffs and last lost to Barcelona in 2015 and Real Madrid in 2017.

A third Champions League final appearance in four years was still on the agenda until the last seconds of Juve's quarter-final clash with Real Madrid in April. Then Buffon probably delivered the most unpleasant moment of his remarkable career.

The Bianconeri No. 1 faced referee Michael Oliver angrily, having awarded Real a last-air penalty, received a red card and later said the English referee " has a garbage bin at the Place of a heart. "

From this incident he said: "I think a penalty for what happened in Madrid is correct, not for what's happened on the road because the referee has given a red card for that which I do not understand yet, but because I crossed the line.

"I am extremely disappointed because in 23 years playing the Champions League I have never been sent or disciplined. I always had a sporty and correct behavior with all. It was certainly a special situation and a few days later I said that Buffon, with the feeling of that night, should not say what he did.

"Two days later, of course, I'm sorry, let's say, the referee was a man at the end of the day who has a difficult job, maybe two days later I might have hugged and apologized, but not changed what I said even though I might have been calmer. "

Buffon's career was more about the highs than the downs and almost twenty-three years after his debut on November 19, 1995 for Parma against AC Milan as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time.

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