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German Lux Coupes head-to-head: BMW’s 4 Series battle with Audi’s A5 and Merc’s C-class

If you are interested in a reasonably practical and reasonably sporty 2+2 coupe, then you will look for Germany. In this case, you may be looking for Mercedes C-Class, Audi A5 and BMW 4 Series.

Which one should you get? The British CarWow brought these three models side by side to face each other in the dull British days to see which one is the most eye-catching for the host Mat Watson.

It turns out that the German brands know they are competing, so these three cars really match. In the United States, the A5 Coupe starts at $44,000, the 4-series Coupe starts at $45,600, and the C-class Coupe starts at a slightly higher price of $47,200.

Their horsepower is also very similar. In the 4-cylinder engine, BMW and Merc have 255 hp, while Audi has 261


However, if you want more power, you can choose the 6-cylinder version. That is, to get a 6-cylinder engine now, you must match the model of the performance brand. Either way, the S5 can produce 349 hp, the M440i produces 382 hp, and the AMG C43 produces 385 hp.

However, in the video, this is a milder version of all three versions, which seems to be a precursor version of A5. Watson uses this guise to call the A5 very capable, but not as fun as the C series, but a bit unrealistic, while the 4 series is fun and practical.

Therefore, it seems that the only thing that hits the 4 series is the new grille. If you can stand its appearance, then you will have an excellent car. Because we’re talking about the grille, let’s talk about Watson comparing BMW to Lady Gaga.

His comparison called it “not beautiful, but very hot”. This is a very old car critic who has played a role in the long tradition of sexism comparing gender with women. I know that analogy is one thing, but it’s not good to ignore the objective background and the almost constant equivalence of the products that women and men sit on, as if they were designed for our consumption and entertainment. .

But I disagree with Watson’s assessment that the grille is not entirely bad. It smells like gas. not too good. Is it still attractive?

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