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Georgia’s voting law changes are okay for Americans, accounting for 42% to 36%

An opinion poll shows that more Americans support the new Georgia voting law than opponents.

According to a survey by Morning Consulting, the law that prompted Major League Baseball to move this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver was supported by 42% of respondents, while 36% of opponents expressed their support.

In addition, the organization reported that less than 40% of the adults surveyed supported MLB’s move to move games.

Georgia Voting Law: Read the full text

The results showed that self-proclaimed MLB fans (48%) and self-proclaimed “avid” MLB fans (62%) had greater support for the relocation.

Other results seem to indicate that there are clear differences between the interviewees based on their political background.

For example, 65% of Democrats approve of moving the game to other places, while only 1

4% of Republicans approve of this move.

Among independent players, the most frequent response to the repositioning of the game is “don’t know/no opinion”, and 43% of independent players answered this way. Supporters and opponents are divided into two, accounting for 29% to 29% of non-associated people.

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As for racial boundaries, one-quarter of whites and one-quarter of people of color support the migration of the game, while the opposition to this move is stronger among whites, with an opposition rate of 32%, while that of colored people is 20. %.

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