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Georgia Senate campaign: Republicans run on two Senate seats accessible to Democrats

Perdue has warned the state for several months. But the first senator showed increasing signs of frustration in the final weeks of the campaign.

When he lashed out at the state on the campaign bus-with the slogan “original outsider” next to his picture-Perdue provided the media with detailed information about his whereabouts. After CNN learned that he was showing up in the parking lot of this small town in central Georgia, his supporters tried to artificially stop reporters from asking questions, and at the same time held up signs in front of the photographer’s camera to prevent him from filming.

These Senate and House of Representatives campaigns are more competitive against Democrats in the final sprint on election day

When asked why he did not disclose the timetable to the media, Perdue declined to explain. He told CNN: “This is a campaign question.” Perdue did not answer any questions about whether he regretted calling Harris by name. He criticized Democrat Jon Osso. Jon Ossoff was the “rubber stamp” on the Democratic agenda and got on the bus.

This week, Osoff attacked Perdue personally and told CNN that the senator’s massacre of Harris’ name was undoubtedly a “racist”. In the second and final debate on Wednesday night, Perdue, a 70-year-old former Fortune 500 CEO, fired Osoff, a 33-year-old media executive, because he didn’t know how to create or keep a copy. jobs. Osov called the senator a “liar,” he was “in a number of federal investigations attacking insider trading,” and he also criticized the “people’s health” he represented. Perdue screamed that the Democrats had worked for “the spokesperson of terrorism and communism in China”-which Osov called “ridiculous.”

At the end of the debate, Perdue was asked if there was anything to correct in the campaign.

Perdue said: “We don’t have enough time.”

Intra-party struggle

Republicans in Georgia are facing a perfect storm that puts the White House and its two Senate seats controlled by the Republicans at risk. Trump is historically unpopular. The suburbs of the state are becoming more and more diverse. The nomination of the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is the epitome of the organization and stifled the Republican Party’s call for socialism to invade America. According to a poll conducted by Monmouth University, the coronavirus pandemic swept the entire economy, Trump frustrated the response, and the state preferred Biden to respond to the crisis.

Another Senate campaign in Georgia, including an intra-party dispute between the appointed Senator Kelly Loeffler and Republican Representative Doug Collins, also damaged the Republican brand. Loeffler and Collins tried to surpass each other in touts in their relationship with Trump because he was less popular than he was four years ago. They criticized each other for not being conservative enough, and might weaken their ability to participate in the runoff against the main Democratic candidate Rafael Warnock in January.

The 10 Senate seats most likely to change seats one week from election day

Some Republicans in Washington predicted that Collins’ participation in the election would harm the party.

In a private conversation earlier this year, the top Republican in the Senate warned the White House about the risk of competing for the seat of Loeffler. However, according to a source familiar with the discussion, White House officials clearly persuaded Trump to help clear the field will be ignored, because the president believes he will win a big victory, which he believes will help reduce the Republicans in Georgia. fare.

However, the Republicans in the Georgia Senate campaign are now on par with their Democratic opponents, who outperformed them in the last fiscal quarter. According to Kantar’s Campaign Media Analysis Group, Republicans had to spend a lot of money on two Senate campaigns-more than $100 million, while Democrats spent more than $69 million. The Super PAC Senate Leadership Fund, allied with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, spends more in Georgia than any other state.

Senator John Thune, the majority party in the Senate, told CNN: “Obviously, there are two Republicans running in the election, and the situation becomes complicated.” A clear venue would be great. But it is not the solution to the problem.”

The National Republican Senate committee accused Collins of putting his personal ambitions first before retaining a majority in the Senate.

In an interview, members of Congress overturned the accusation.

Collins told CNN outside Steak’n Shake in Dublin, Georgia: “I want them to really figure out how to get out of the ring road and understand Georgia. That’s the problem here.” “We won’t endanger this seat.”

Collins’ race is a special election without a primary election. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, who appointed Loeffler to the seat, refused to work hard to create one. Instead, all candidates vote on Tuesday-if no one reaches the 50% threshold, the top two players will enter the January finals. As Collins and Loveller are competing to reach the finals, they are proposing to conservatives and Trump supporters, not the swing voters who ultimately decide the winner.

Loeffler tried to portray himself as a true Trump loyal supporter and had a “100%” pro-Trump voting record. Even when asked about the president’s past bragging about sexual assault, she refused to criticize the president and said that she was not familiar with the infamous “Visit Hollywood” tape. She recently announced the support of conservative House of Representatives candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene, who advocated the QAnon conspiracy theory and made a series of paranoid comments, but Trump called it “the future Republican star.” . Loeffler (Loeffler) even in his WNBA team Atlanta Dream (Atlanta Dream) game, received the support of the players for the “black live”.

The senator dispelled concerns about her rejection of moderate voters in the interview, saying that she had “motivated” in this campaign. When asked whether to reject QAnon, Loeffler said: “Yes, I rejected it. I don’t know what it is.”

Tied to the top of the ticket

Trump, of course, is partly responsible for putting the seats of Perdue and Loeffler at risk. He won the title of governor by 5 points in 2016, but now even in the Biden investigation.

The coronavirus has killed approximately 8,000 people in Georgia and infected more than 358,000 people, giving voters reason to yearn for change. However, neither Collins nor Loveler criticized Trump’s handling of the epidemic.

Collins said in an interview: “I won’t be quizzical.” “I will not echo back and forth in his response, I think he said what he believes, and I think we are seeing this in the United States actually Is working.”

Check out Trump and Biden’s head-on confrontation

Collins, who led the Republican Trump defense in the House of Representatives impeachment incident, has forced Loveler to continue to focus on the party’s basic voters, rather than middle-level voters, in the latter part of the campaign. The senator told CNN on Wednesday that she did not disagree with the president’s question.

Biden’s state is strong enough that neither Warnock nor Osoff can describe their differences from him, but both sides expressed their willingness to be independent in an interview.

Warnock said: “I’m talking to someone that she has a 100% relationship with Donald Trump. I think this is a strange thing for anyone running for the Senate.” “I’m with Georgia. People are 100% satisfied.”

Run right

At the end of last year, Camp appointed Loeffler (Loeffler) to fill the position of Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson (Johnny Isakson) resigned due to health issues. Loeffler, who is married to Jeff Sprecher, CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, is an attractive option because she can raise her own funds during the 2020 campaign. And when running for re-election in 2022, it is possible to participate in diverse suburbs, especially female voters. Loeffler and Sprecher spent more than $20 million in the Senate campaign this year.

However, instead of trying to attract the moderate suburban voters, she locked herself in the race to the right. Collins criticized Loeffler for supporting Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election and sharing his dream (Dream), which worked with Planned Parenthood two years ago . Loeffler countered that she was recognized by many well-known anti-abortion organizations and “will always defend innocent lives.”

In his speech in Buford, Georgia, Loeffler repeatedly criticized Collins, trying to connect him with Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, calling him As “one of the most open Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.” The event was held indoors, with about 70 people (many of whom did not have masks), and violated national regulations that prohibit gatherings of more than 50 people.

Collins spread across the state and held parties with voters. Her criticism of Loeffler has been persistent, describing her as a false conservative.

He told CNN: “Senator Loffler seems to be trying to sound like I have a moderate voting record, but no one will really believe it.”

Collins raised Loeffler’s stock trading before he started trading in the city center, which caused scrutiny because she was secretly informed by the government of the coronavirus outbreak before the market fell sharply. He pointed out that Loeffler criticized his career as a defense lawyer. Collins said: “She was accused of engaging in insider stock trading.” “I think the lawyers at the time were very good. Aren’t they, Senator Loeffler?”

Since no one can exceed 50% of the vote, these candidates are planning to participate in the January final election. Collins told a crowd in Dublin that when he returned around Christmas, he liked “cranberry sauce and some berries.”

He added: “Are you all sure we have something?”

State of rapid diversification

Unlike the disagreements among Republicans, Democrats have been campaigning for a unified vote. Both Osoff and Warnock appeared with the rapper at outdoor events for masked supporters in suburban Atlanta.

This strategy may be particularly effective for Georgian voters divided by race. Blacks make up about 30%, most of them are liberals, whites make up about 60%, and most of them are Republicans.

The police killing of George Floyd once again included the issue of racial justice in the Senate campaign. Throughout the summer, Loeffler wrote to the WNBA Commissioner that she “resolutely” opposed the black life issue movement, which caused a strong response. Some players wear T-shirts with “Vote Warnock” written on them.

Loeffler has been committed to standing with law enforcement agencies and criticizing the refunds in the police movement, but the Democrats have aligned themselves with the “black house”. At the Jonesboro rally, Osoff pointed out that Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed 25-year-old black black man, was fatally hit while jogging this year, “deriding equal protection under the law.”

Former State House of Representatives minority leader Stacey Abrams (Stacey Abrams) ran for governor in 2018. She led the voter registration process and targeted those who she said were suppressed, especially people of color. However, this effort has also attracted new transplant recipients and young people, who started to register automatically when they applied for a driver’s license in 2016. The populations of Latinos and Asians have also increased rapidly. Between 2017 and 2018, the Asian population of Forsyth County (Forsyth County) in northern Atlanta was the fastest growing among the counties with a population of more than 20,000 in the United States.

In 2018, Democratic Rep. Lucy McBath (Lucy McBath) flipped a seat in the House of Representatives in the northwest suburbs of Atlanta for the first time in 40 years, and the Democrats plan to flip their seat to the northeast of the city in 2020.

Dr. Charles Bullock, professor of political science at the University of Georgia, said that nearly half of the new voters are under 35, and nearly two-thirds are people of color. The Secretary of State of Georgia stated that the number of registered voters in Georgia reached a record 7.6 million, an increase of 1 million over 2016 and an increase of 1.6 million over the period when Perdue first ran for the Senate in 2014.

Osoff told CNN at the Slutty Vegan restaurant on Tuesday: “The whole world is watching Georgia.”

He said: “This is the highest battlefield state in the United States.”

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