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G-Eazy breaks silence after conviction: "I am embarrassed and apologize beyond words"


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Following his arrest and conviction for assault, drug possession and resistance to arrests in Sweden earlier this week G-Eazy was born as Gerald Gillum is "grateful" to be a free man ̵

1; so the rapper said on social media today. Gerald was jailed on Friday, but was sentenced to two years probation and received 80,000 kroner (about $ 9,000) for his crimes and a restitution of 6,500 kronor (about $ 810) restitution to the security guard he allegedly attacked.

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On Sunday, Gerald, who performs in Denmark tonight, posted a long post on Instagram

The 28-year-old wrote: "Thankful and blessed to be free and secure. Happy to be in Copenhagen tonight, what I love most, embarrassed and apologetic about the incident, but most of all I am so thankful that they let me go, the craziest experience of my life, a terrible night with a lot of bad luck and some even worse decisions, but as I said, I'm grateful that I'm back on tour as a free man for the fans. "

He added," Thanks to all who there are stopped me on the way and supported this journey, I appreciate you more than you will ever know. Love. "

On Thursday, E! News reported that video footage of TMZ showed that the" Him & I "rappers were being loaded onto a police car in Stockholm just hours after he had performed with his girlfriend in the city Halsey Wednesday night

TMZ reported that G-Eazy was celebrating in a club and "acting belligerently" as security approached the rapper to calm him down "The police have arrested G-Eazy and allegedly Cocaine found in the bag. "

On Thursday morning, Swedish police confirmed The Blast that they were an American citizen was arrested" on charges of assault "in the early hours of May 3.

" Police say that the robbery was an officer or employee of the club, "it said on the website

War G-Eazy was in Solidaritet in Stockholm with Halsey and Sean Kingston Before Arrest

Before joining Solidaritet, there was an after-party in Nosh and Chow after G-Eazy's show.

"When he was in Nosh and Chow, everyone had a good time and there was no problem," said a source E! News. Nosh and Chow were the casual after-party for them and their friends, hosted by Roshi Hoss and Joel Ighe They had a good time, danced and were positive and friendly they were, Sean Kingston and her friends and crew. "

After that, things got rowdy …

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