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Frustrating Apex Legends bug prevents players from robbing death chests

You hear their voices in the game every day, and their voice lines have become synonymous with their characters, but who is the real person behind the Apex Legends list? Here are all the Apex voice actors and some other things you might recognize from them.

Since its launch, Apex Legends can provide a total of 16 characters, and the number of playable Legends has doubled.

A new character is added every season, and a new voice actor is attached. Here, we will focus on the English-speaking voice actors for each role.

In addition to characters (such as the announcer), there are other sounds in the game, and you may hear more sounds than others.

Announcer: Zehra Fazal

Voice actor Zehra Fazal

Zehra Fazal is the voice of Apex Games.

Technically, the first actor on the list is not actually the voice of a legend. However, Fazal is probably the most common sound in the game. Throughout the game, you will hear her voice, let you know the ring’s movements in time, and announce who the champion team is, kill the leader and so on.

Zehra also praised Pathfinder Town for taking over the convention and put forward all the weird claims about fighting in the ring.

Bangalore: Erica Lutrell

Bangalore voice actor Erica Lutrell
Instagram: Erica Lutrell

Bangalore voice actors appear in many video games.

One of the original actors, Eric Luttrell (Eric Luttrell) is the voice of Bangalore in “Apex Legend.” She is Canadian, and her sister Rachel is also an excellent actor. Erica has also participated in other games, including “Call of Duty: Black Ops” Cold War, “Two Mirrors”, “Star Wars: Squadron”, “Our Last: Part Two” and “Fallout 76”.

You might also recognize her from some screen characters, including HBO’s “Westworld” or Claire Raeburn in “Redemption.”

Hound: Allegra Clark

Voice actor of Allegra Clark Hound

Allegra Clark’s voice has been strictly modulated to give “Hound” the final voice.

The Hound’s voice actor Allegra Clark (Allegra Clark) is one of the voices that may not be recognized at first. When the recording speaks through the mask, there are a variety of effects that can be applied to the recording to achieve the metallic graininess of the Bloodhound sound.

Allegra Clark is also a voice actor and has a reputation in many other video game works, including the popular Genshin Impact. Other honors include “Dragon Age: Trial”, in which Allegra played Josephine Montillit, “Star Wars: Squadron”, “World of Warcraft” and more.

Caustic: JB Blanc

Caustic voice actor JB Blanc
Screenshot via IGN

JB Blanc plays the deadly scientist Caustic.

JB Blanc is another accomplished actor who has played roles in many video games, movies and TV shows. In “Legend of Apex”, he plays Dr. Nox (commonly known as “Caustic”).

Fans of Saul who broke the poor call quality might think he is Dr. Barry Goodman. He also appeared in Respawn’s other latest release of “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order”, where he played as Cal Calestis’ friend Prauf at the beginning of the game. Other game characters include Legend of Runeterra, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, Mortal Kombat II and Diablo III.

Interesting fact: JB Blanc is also the voice of Blisk in “Titanfall”-there are also rumors that he will become the future legend of Apex.

Cryptocurrency: Johnny Young

Johnny Young, the voice actor of Crypto
Twitter: Johnny Young/Rebirth

Johnny Young plays the Korean legendary cryptocurrency.

One of the DLC legends, Johnny Young (Johnny Young) dubbed (Crypto), launched in season 3. Johnny himself is an avid Apex player, so even his teammates must be kept secret before disclosure. He is also a content creator, he broadcasts live on Twitch and has a popular YouTube channel with nearly 100,000 subscribers.

Young has also played other roles in video games, including “World War II” and “Medal of Honor.”

Fuse: Ben Prendergast

Fuse voice actor Ben Prengergast
Rebirth Entertainment / Ben Prendergast

Australia’s Ben Prendergast released a new season 8 legend, “Fuse”.

For the first Australian legend, Respawn recruited real-life Australian Benjamin Prendergast. Just before the release of Season 8, we had a conversation with Ben, and he introduced us to how he played this role and his important role as Apex. He started playing as soon as he auditioned and hasn’t stopped since. You can also watch his streaming on Twitch.

He also participated in a series of other games, including Hades, Fallout, Star Wars Resistance, etc. He has also done TV and stage performances on shows such as Preacher and Frontier.

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Gibraltar: Branscombe Richmond

Gibraltar voice actor Branscombe Richmond
Facebook: Brunscom Richmond

Richmond is a veteran actor, both on screen and sound.

The voice of Gibraltar is Branscom Richmond. For a character like Gibraltar, a South Pacific Islander, he needs a very special voice. Richmond himself has English, Native American, Native Hawaiian, French, French Polynesian, Spanish and Portuguese roots-incredible.

Unlike many other “Apex Legends” voice actors, Richmond does not appear in many video games. He has participated in various films and TV shows and started his career in the mid-1970s. He may be known for his role in “The Scorpion King” and has appeared in shows such as A-Team and Texas Ranger Walker.

Horizon: Allie Newlands

Horizon's voice actor Elle Newlands
Rebirth / Twitter: @ellenewlands

Elle Newlands, the voice actor of Horizon, plays his role.

Scottish actor Elle Newlands performed the “Seventh Season Legend” and “Horizon”. Although born and raised in Scotland, Newlands now lives in California.

You may not realize that you are not using your accent when playing other games, but Newlands has features in countless video games, including Doom: Eternity, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and BioShock: Infinite , “Skyrim”, “Halo” 4 and Assassin’s Creed 3.

Lifeline: Mela Lee

Lifeline voice actor Mela Lee
Instagram: themealee/Respawn

Mela Lee is responsible for the iconic “Mozambique is here” voice line.

Judging from the initial cast, Lifeline voice actor Mela Lee will thank some of the most iconic Apex Legends series. Li brings classic works such as “Mozambique is here” to life.

Other games you may have heard of Mela include Mortal Kombat 11 (as Jade), Pokemon Masters, and Tiki in Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Mela Lee also does narration work for many TV shows including the Avengers.

Wolf: Freda Wolf

Loba's voice actor Fryda Wolff
Rebirth Entertainment

Coincidentally, Loba is translated as “wolf”

Loba is one of the most exciting new roles when she joined her in season 5. The voice behind the elegant thief is Fryda Wolff, a Las Vegas native from Mexico. Her mother is from Mexico, so Fryda can also speak fluent Mexican Spanish. In the game, Loba’s father is Portuguese.

Fryda Wolff has also participated in other games, including “Cyberpunk 2077” (Carol), “Spider-Man: Miles Morales”, “Anger 2,” “The Elder Scrolls: Blade Edge”, “Defense Defense” 4″ and two “Call of Duty” games.

Fun fact: According to IMDB, Wolf is the second-class cousin of Mexican director Alejandro Andrade – Loba’s surname is Andrade.

Sea City Age Building: Roger Craig Smith

Roger Craig Smith (Roger Craig Smith), Phantom Voice Actor

Mirage’s voice actor Roger Craig Smith has played some important roles in the game.

The voice of the phantom, Roger Craig Smith (Roger Craig Smith) is a true symbol of the world of sound performance. Some of his famous roles include Ezio in Assassin’s Creed, Chris Redfield in Resident Evil, Captain America, etc. However, his most iconic role may be the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog-he served for more than 10 years until the end of the 2021 election.

Smith actually started as a stand-up comedy, but his voice is so versatile and crisp that he has been asked to play many roles in countless games and movies.

Octane rating: Nicolas Roye

Octane soundtrack actor Nicolas Roye (Nicolas Roye)
Twitter: TheNicolasRoye/Rebirth

Nicolas Roye announced the first ever legendary “Octane”.

Nicolas Roye expressed Apex Legends’ first post-release legend Octane. Nicolas is a Jersey native, but was born to parents in Spain and Italy. Most of his acting career has been in voice work, although he has participated in TV shows such as “Malcolm in the Middle”, “No Trace” and CSI.

When Halo Infinte is released, Halo fans will hear more of Nicolas, which sounds a lot like octane, and he will travel with the captain. Roy also played multiple roles in “Cyberpunk 2077” and other games, including Marvel’s Avengers, Resident Evil: Resistance, Tomb Raider, Horizon Zero Dawn and Mafia series.

Pathfinder: Chris Edgeley

Chris Edgerly, voice actor of Pathfinder
Twitter: theedgevoice/rebirth

Chris Edgerly plays a better robot than anyone.

It is not easy to speak for a friendly robot, but veteran voice actor Chris Edgerly knows the trick. Like Roger Craig Smith (Roger Craig Smith), Edgerly has many impressive dubbing works.

In addition to “Apex Legend”, one of his most famous roles was in various roles in “The Simpsons”. In video games, Edgerly starred in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”, “Halo”, “Kingdom Hearts” series and various voices in “Call of Duty”, “Assassin’s Creed” and “Mass Effect”.

City Wall: Anjali Bhimani (Anjali Bhimani)

Rampart voice actor Anjali Bhimani

The legendary Rampart in season 6 is played by Anjali Bhimani.

The sixth season of Apex Legends Legend Rampart is the voice of Anjali Bhimani. Bhimani is a versatile actor who can perform on stage, TV, movies and many other games. In fact, Indian-Americans appear more on screen than video games, but you can also think of her as the voice of Symmetra in Overwatch.

Some of her famous TV roles include: Nina Patel in “Modern Family”, SWAT, Soprano, Grace and Frankie, “Criminal Minds: Crossing the Border”, “Navy Crime Investigation Service”: Los Angeles and Law and Order: SVU.

Virgin: Darin De Paul

Revenge voice actor Darin de Pail (Darin de Pail)
Rebirth/Twitter: darindepaul

Just like the voice actor of Rampart, Darin is also a role in Overwatch.

Darin De Paul is another outstanding voice actor, “Revenant”. Overwatch players will be familiar with his voice as Reinhardt, but like Bloodhound, Revenant’s voice is strictly modulated.

Other characters include “Emperor Gallus” in “Destiny 2,” Jonah Jameson in “Spiderman”, Hulk in “Avengers” and “Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Darth Vader.

Fun fact: Darin De Paul also spoke for the legendary Forge, who was killed by Revenant, who later replaced Forge in Forex Games.

Watson: Justin Huxley

Watson voice actor Justin Huxley
Twitter: JustineHuxley/Rebirth

Justine speaks French for Wattson, but she is from Los Angeles.

Justine Huxley (Justine Huxley) is the voice actor of Watson in “Apex Legend”. The character of Wattson, whose real name is Natalie Paquette, is a Frenchman introduced in season 2, but Huxley is not, but a fascinating accent.

Huxley also participated in other games, including “Red Dead Redemption 2” and “Grand Theft Auto V” (twice to speak with pedestrians), “Harry Potter: The Wizarding League” and “Spiro Heavy Burning Trilogy. Hexley also completed the dubbing work in the 2020 anime series “Sword Art Online”.

Ghost: Shantel VanSanten

Ghost voice actor Shantel Vansanten
Instagram: TheRealShantel/Respawn

Shantel is a popular TV actor and voice actor.

In Shantel VanSanten’s Apex Legends, Wraith’s voice actor. VanSanten is known for his work in the television field and does not have as many video game characters as other legends. In fact, Apex is her first part in the video game.

You can recognize Shantel from many popular shows, including “One Tree Mountain”, “Shooter”, “Boy”, “Flash”, “All Mankind” and “The Messenger”. Shantel also played Lori in “The Final Destination” (2009).

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