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Fraudster injects fake COVID vaccine into elderly women: report

According to a new report, a fraudster who claimed to work for the UK National Health Service injected a 92-year-old woman with a fake COVID-19 vaccine-and charged her $218.

According to a report by Metro UK, the scammer appeared at the gate of a nursing home in Surbiton, southwest London on December 30, claiming that he was from the NHS and was vaccinated there.

The police said that the unsuspecting old man let go of him, and then he stabbed her in his arms with a “dart-like tool”.

He allegedly charged her 160 pounds (approximately US$218) for fake vaccines, which he claimed would be refunded by the NHS.

The City of London police told the pharmacy that it is not yet clear what drugs (if any) were used, but the woman who was examined at the local hospital did not appear to be sick.

Metro said: “This is a disgusting and totally unacceptable attack on the public and will never be tolerated.”

; “We call on anyone who may obtain information to help us identify this person in order to get in touch. It is vital that we He must be arrested as soon as possible. Not only is he cheating personal money, but he may also endanger people’s lives.”

According to reports, the suspect appeared again at the woman’s home on Monday, demanding another 100 pounds, or about US$136.

Surveillance images captured that day showed him wearing a navy blue sports suit with white stripes on the side.

Police said the man spoke with a London accent. He was 30 years old, about 5 feet 9, of medium build, light brown combed.

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