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Franmil Reyes’ soft right ankle and 5 things we learned from the Cleveland Indians spring training

Cleveland, Ohio-Franmil Reyes said he is determined to cut down some innings in the Indians’ field this spring, but an ankle injury in the Dominican Republic a few weeks ago may slow his progress.

Reyes told reporters via Zoom on Monday that he twisted his right ankle before exercising while reading the ball to the left on the flyball before coming to camp in Goodyear, Arizona. He said that the ankle now feels good in batting practice, but it is another matter to live against the pitcher. The intensity of each swing will put more pressure on his back foot and cause “a little more”

; damage.

As of Monday morning, manager Terry Francona has not had a one-on-one conversation with Reyes, which is the practice at the beginning of all training camps. But seeing this 6-foot-5 player in his familiar role as a batsman at first would not be surprised.

Francona said: “I don’t want him to be an unfair position to him, running back and forth.” “My guess is that we will start him in the right position on the outfield.”

Francona stated that he wanted to communicate with Reyes and he did not enter the DH place “like a pigeon” because it would bring opportunities for others. But the captain admitted that he wanted to hire his best defensive team.

Francona said: “When we go to a national league city, we really don’t want to sit on him, especially when he swings very well.”

Reyes said he was willing to play wherever he needed help to help the Indians win, but he added that he was the right fielder all his life.

Reyes said: “I will honestly do whatever they want me to do.” “If they just want me to stay in DH, I agree with that. If I have to be in the wild or first base, I know I am Capable.”

Wait a minute, the first base? This offseason, Reyes (Reyes) filming the ground ball first appeared on social media. But he admitted that he did not do any serious work there.

“Never,” Reyes said. “At first base this season, probably a few ground balls. That’s it.”

1. Don’t think they know

Unsurprisingly, Francona postponed his traditional opening speech to the players on Monday, which was postponed by coaches, clubhouse attendants and other staff who introduced themselves and handled “housekeeping” supplies.

On Tuesday, he will present his expectations for the season and the overall concept of the club for each season, including players he has heard of before.

“We are working hard to lay the foundation for how to deal with the challenges in the coming year. If you don’t discuss with them, expecting them to understand that what we are doing may be unfair,” he said.

By Tuesday, Indians can also isolate things and keep everyone away from society in accordance with the regulations of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Francona said: “Sometimes I might get a little angry and talk.” “But I think it’s better, and I respect the agreement.”

Terry Francona

On Monday, during a spring baseball training game in Goodyear, Arizona, Terry Francona wore a mask while driving in a golf cart. Associated Press

2. Sustainable development

Lefty Oliver Perez hopes to participate in his 19th professional league season. On Monday, he told reporters that if you asked him if you thought you would play for such a long time two or three years ago, he would say “no way”.

But when the Indian expressed interest in bringing him back to the club for his fourth season, the 39-year-old Mexican said he was excited.

“For me, it’s really special,” Perez said. “I will never be passionate about games. Now, when I get home, I feel like 39 years old, but when I enter the club, I feel like a rookie because I am very happy to be with everyone and have a wonderful time Time, just follow our dream in the major leagues and maybe one day win the World Series.”

Oliver Perez

Oliver Perez hopes to serve in his 19th major league season.Associated Press

3. Just Google, brother

Shane Bieber said that he was against teammate James Karinchak in the 2017 Google Playoffs against Lance McCullers Jr.

Bieber said the proliferation of social media accounts such as Rob Friedman’s “Pitching Ninja” and other sites dedicated to destroying the smallest details of pitching have opened up a whole new way for young pitchers to develop their skills.

Bieber believes that this is a way for pitchers to exchange ideas, clues, grip, etc.

“If you have been struggling, or need a new perspective on the court or want to add something, that is always a good starting point, especially in our current world,” Bieber said. . “Social media and the Internet can provide many tools for those who are willing and eager to learn.”

James Kalinchak

During Monday’s workout, James Karinchak pitched to first baseman Jake Bauers. Associated Press

4. The middleman

Cesar Hernandez (Cesar Hernandez) won his first professional gold glove award at second base last season, but after agreeing to return as a free agent, at Francisco Lindo (Francisco Lindo) Lindor) After trading to the Mets, he will have to break a new shortstop.

Hernandez predicts that no matter who wins the job, it won’t take long to keep up, whether it’s the experienced Amed Rosario from the Dominican Republic or his Venezuela. Compatriot Andres Jimenez.

Hernandez said through an interpreter, Agustin Rivero (Agustin Rivero): “We know that the communication part will become easier. Not only can you communicate, but you can get along and understand each other’s style.” Just like last year. Like what happened to Lindor, it was a quick adaptation.

Hernandez is the opponent of the Phillies and Rosario. He said he is a very athletic guard and loves to run.

“He is not afraid of making mistakes,” Hernandez said. “This is very important. It is very contagious to get those guys who are always willing to put in extra effort together.”

At the same time, Jimenez showed a desire to play and learn games.

“He has a lot of tools to play games here,” Hernandez said. “He has indeed shown this desire. At some point, he will be able to contribute to us.”

Cleveland Indians

In the background of the Phoenix Goodyear Airport, with parked and retired airliners in the background, Indian pitchers warmed up in the bright Monday morning sun. Associated Press

5. Priests everywhere

Reyes was asked how excited he was to see so many ex-teammates from San Diego and the Indian concentration camp. He expressed special feelings for outfielder Josh Naylor (Josh Naylor), and he affectionately called him his brother. But Reyes also mentioned the excitement of camping with veteran catcher Austin Hedges.

Reyes said: “I haven’t seen Hedgie since 2013, when I was 18 years old.”

Speaking of children, young shortstop Gabriel Arias was also in the camp, which gave Reyes a boost.

“That’s my relative,” Reyes said. “He is from Venezuela, but every time I go to practice in the Dominica complex, it is my boy. You will be very excited to see this. He has good hands and can hit him. He has a lot of stolen goods. “

Austin Hedge

Catcher Roberto Perez leaves and Austin Hedges arrives on Monday for field training. Associated Press

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