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Frank Vogel provides updates on LeBron James and Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers continue to try to maintain close relationships with superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Frank Vogel’s team has maintained a high defensive level, but they have been trying to maintain an offensive advantage.

In addition, the Lakers’ ranking continues to decline, which is something that some people worry about, even though the people in the locker room don’t care about it. For this team, the biggest question is when Davis and James will return to the court. Vogel provided an update on their progress.

“Yes, they will both be on the road with us. Advertising continues to increase, but there is still some way to go.” Vogel said before the game with the Los Angeles Clippers. “LeBron is still out indefinitely.”


Recently, news has shown that Davis has been approved to increase his activities on the court, which makes him hope that he will soon return to the Zijin arena, but this is not the case. Davis has not appeared in court since February 14, and the Lakers undoubtedly hope to send him back as soon as possible.

As for James, the initial report was that he might be out for 4-6 weeks, so things that were still unclear when returning home made more sense. The recovery time of a high ankle sprain varies from case to case, and there is no procedure to make it go away faster.

Vogel also provided clear information on their recovery process, but he pointed out that the timetable was not the cause of any further problems with either of his two stars.

“There is no setback. Just make sure that the build process is proceeding at the correct speed and that the matter is completely behind him.

The most important thing for these players is that they can recover 100% before returning to the court. Especially in the case of Davis, people are worried that they may suffer fatal injuries in the future, so all measures can be taken to ensure that these problems are one-off and will not continue to be problems in the future.

I hope the playoffs will pay off. As long as that happens, the Lakers will compete with anyone in the playoffs.

The Lakers don’t care about the Western Conference rankings

The Lakers’ struggles without James and Davis can be expected, but because the Western Conference is so difficult, the Lakers now find themselves stuck in a deadlock in the Western Conference. The difference between the Lakers becoming one of the top seeds and participating in the game is only two games.

But they did not consider this in any way. “We are not looking at the rankings at all. We are just winning the next game.” Vogel said.

Talen Horton-Tucker agrees with this view. Horton Tucker said: “Personally, I am not.” “As a group, we didn’t hear too much, we just try to focus on the next game in the future. We feel that if we take care of ourselves Work, then the ranking will take care of itself. With the guy we are out now, when everything turns around, I think we’ll be fine.”

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