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"Fortnite", the video game that breaks all viewer records

This bouncing survival game has become an unusual phenomenon within months, with record numbers on the Internet and millions of followers.

"So everybody plays at [Fortune] .But nice, really everybody. The baffled and admiring remark published on Twitter by an expert in the video game market sums up a unanimously shared observation with humor and simplicity Together: the Sagittarius Fortnite has become a phenomenal world phenomenon for several months.

Epic, its publisher, has reached as many as 40 million users in January, one in six, according to Newzoo Players in February Fortnite ; On the YouTube platform, it became the most active title before Minecraft In March, it achieved the status of the most watched video game in a month in the history of the Twitch platform,

His success is such that Bloomberg shares of competing American giants Activision-Blizzard ( Call of Duty Destiny ) and Take Two ( Grand Theft Auto ) fell in March by 1

1% and 12% respectively due to their debt, taking their clients to the new fashionable game called.

To the point that the popularity of Fortnite meanwhile a joke thing … and worry. Since the end of March, the launch of a mobile version has also increased the presence of the title, which is now available on any platform at any time. As noted by the Kotaku Specialist page, teachers now complain about saturated Wi-Fi networks and students being snatched by their parties.

Modified Shoulder

] Fortnite This is called a "royal battle", a survival game between 100 players between them, until there is only one left. His success is all the more surprising, as he belonged eight months ago another genre, the zombie hunt. "The heart of Fortnite is to explore, build and defend, we were thrilled with the idea to recover from these sensations of our childhood" declared in June at World Tanya Watson, his executive producer, while his mode was still unknown at 100.

But in the summer of 2017, PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds ( PUBG ), a self-directed game for 100 opponents developed simultaneously by BlueHole Koreans, beats the popularity scale by record popularity. The American publisher of Fortnite Epic ( Unreal Tournament Gears of War the technological engine Unreal Engine) then plays single-handedly and starts in September inspired by him style of play, oriented survival, each for themselves, racing equipment, traps and machine bombardment.

The concept, inherited from a modified version of the military simulation ArmA and in 2017 is the focus of the phenomenon PUBG here is enriched with unexpected design features and fun, any participant can at any time Build stairs or walls. In just six months he went from King's Battle to King's Battle to the most popular

Chouchou Middle School and High Schools

In Saint-Joseph's High School of Auxerre (Yonne), where Le Monde made a workshop around the press in March, they are numerous pampered. "The mechanics of the game is simple, everyone understands easily what happens, and in addition, unlike the other royal combat it is available on all platforms" explains Charles, 16 years old , in 1 re STMG. Nino, 17 years old, emphasizes that "it's a simple style of play, we can take a break for six months we will not leave" .

  The unconventional atmosphere, the playful qualities and the easy access to

Corentin, 17, He proudly remembers his best part: "I was alone against four with only a quiet machine gun: I have the whole Team eliminated, it was wow! But everyone can find another pleasure. "The graphics are successful, they look like reality, but they are a bit childish" Lola, 16 years old. "It's not just a game to kill, you build things, you change war games" says Lisa, 16 years old.

Everyone did not surrender to "Fortnitemania." Julie sees that Not even interested. "It does not help in life, it's better to go to the chain than to play that! "It's a fashion effect" sues Andréa, 16th

A meteoric rise

And indeed, since September, the game has only gained in popularity. In February, he first released PUBG second place in the most watched games on Twitch's League of Legends . All indicators show an outlier, while PUBG until then the most streamed, begins to decline easily.

  On Twitch,

The month of March was historic. Fortnite became the second game on Twitch to exceed 100 million viewing hours per month [LeagueofLegends (118 million vs. 103). According to the video content analysis site of Gamoloco "today there are more people broadcasting Fortnite than League of Legends PUBG DoTA 2 and Combined Counter-Strike: Global Offensive .

Ninja alone, his star player, achieves a better audience than all channels combined by most games on March 13 Drake collected 630,000 viewers in his live game session with rapper Drake, a stream reaching 1.1 million simultaneous viewers on YouTube A Rap Dedicated Fortnite The Bagatelle Was Seen 15 Million Times

New rivalry between players

The rivalry between players of PUBG and Fortnite almost earns from now on to be inscribed in the history of video game , so very much notes it to those icons, between console owners Sony or Nintendo, or believers of or Pro Evolution Soccer .

  Classic conversation in social networks.

On the one hand lover of a royal battle pure, bitterly realistic and uncompromising, out of huge maps and sophisticated ballistics. On the other hand, the proponents of an unrestrained approach, the cartoon world, to the rhythm of the ongoing game, more playful clashes. In this game Fortnite impresses itself.

This reversal of the situation takes place in details, such as the colorful aesthetics, which facilitates the identification of opponents or the absence of a key to lying, a drastic choice that " Camper "effectively eliminates, irritating players who wait, camouflaged in the grass, shoot from afar. Everything is done to make the game more alive and spectacular.

The game is also based on a different economic model: unlike PUBG, costs $ 30, Fortnite is available for free, instead for optional transactions, such as furs, often Crazy Costumes Paid

To further increase its popularity, Epic is to host Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, a prestigious tournament that brings together the game's 50 best players and 50 world stars.

"So many hopes in the beginning"

 "Fortnite", a decomplex approach to the "King's Battle", these games with 100 players.

The success of the version King's Battle of Fortnite not only happy – to its competitors of course and especially Bluehole ( PUBG ) .The Korean studio said it had been betrayed by Epic, the technology provider.

The first followers of Fortnite joining the game at that time It was all about beating zombies in the adventure mode that are now being abandoned.

Incidentally, Epic's game of competing dimension and hordes of over-trained fans is an everlasting lesson of humility a bit rusty for the thirties, as a reporter on Twitter a Texan philosopher: "Life is like Fortnite . You have so many hopes for success and so many opportunities in the beginning, but after a few seconds, you get a 10-year-old sniper, and that's & # 39; s. "

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