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France sees biggest increase in COVID-19 intensive care units in months

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The Capitol attack suspects raged the “doomsday” before the so-called “bust” officers

Getty/Facebook alleged that two weeks ago, he rammed a car into two policemen guarding the U.S. Capitol and killed one of them. Noah Green posted an article on his Facebook page titled “The storm is coming” article. As we know, Muhammad and his divine warning to all of us. The 25-year-old post of the end of the world said that Satan’s rule over us has come and is linked to an article in the “Last Call”

;, the official newspaper of the “Islamic State”. Green’s social media posts hinted that he was spiraling upward in the outbreak of the attack. on Friday. Brother Brendan Green told the Washington Post on the eve of the attack that he had sent a worrying text message after leaving the apartment where they lived together. Homeless. Thank you for everything. I looked up to you when I was young. You inspired me a lot,” it was reported. The news and the fatal attack that occurred less than 24 hours later ended a period of red flags. Green’s social media post described the search for “spirituality” in the Islamic State (Islamic State) This is a religious Muslim sect. The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies it as “the grotesque theology of innate blacks superior to whites” and “deep racism. There is no indication that there is a clear motive against the police. There was also no obvious motivation for the U.S. Capitol to be located in Virginia, where he recently called home. The Chief of Police of the U.S. Capitol, Yogananda Pittman, said that the blue car had become two police officers guarding the roadblocks on the road outside the Capitol, and then he jumped out of the car and pounced at the officer with a knife. Came, prompting them to shoot him fatally. A senior law enforcement official confirmed to the “Daily Beast” that Green is a suspect, although he has not yet been formally confirmed by the police. One Capitol policeman, William “Billy” Evans (William “Billy” Evans) died, and another policeman remained in the hospital. He is said to be in stable condition late Friday. Pittman said that the Capitol Police did not recognize the suspect before the attack, and the members of Congress showed no “signs.” She also said that there were no ongoing threats and the suspect did not yell before being shot. She said that despite the ongoing motive investigation, it appears to be “not related to terrorism.” The motivation remains a mystery. In the weeks before the incident, the 25-year-old young man posted on a series of social media to learn more about the causes of such attacks. Soon after the incident, Green published two lengthy articles on Green’s Facebook profile, which were taken down shortly after the incident. Green wrote about his recent struggles and stated that meeting with the leader of the Islamic State, Luis Farakenhan, was the “main goal.” Friday’s attack was motivated by religion, and the Virginia branch of the Islamic State and the headquarters in the District of Columbia did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Green also admitted that he had suffered an indeterminate setback in his life recently. In the past few months, the situation has become more difficult. “Green wrote in a March 17 post. “I have gone through some of the biggest, unimaginable tests of my life. I am now unemployed, partly because I left my job because of pain, but in the end it was to find a spiritual journey. “Despite no job, he still posted a photo of a certificate that said he had donated $1,085 to the country. Green’s brother Brendan said in an interview with The Washington Post that Noah was in 2019. Becomes paranoid and accused his football teammates of poisoning him with Xanax. He moved to his apartment and then suddenly moved to Indianapolis, where he believed intruders entered his apartment. Around that time, Brendan Said that he flew to visit his brother and realized that his “thoughts seemed incorrect.” “Recently, his brother said that Green got up and moved to Botswana, and suggested that he try to live his own life. Jumped to the front of the car. After returning home, Noah Green seemed to see the Islamic country as one of his own. This way. Green wrote in a recent social media post that he has been facing “fear, hunger, loss of wealth and fruit loss” in recent months, and has always been “centered on the faith of the respected Minister Louis”. To support his own life. Farrakhan is Jesus, Messiah. He said that he had graduated with honors, got an excellent job after graduating from university, and won “although in the best Under the circumstances did not grow” graduate degree. Green played football in high school, Christopher Newport University (Christopher Newport University) resume said that he was born in Fairlea, West Virginia, has seven brothers And two sisters. Public records show that after majoring in marketing at Glenville State College, he entered the graduate program at Florida State University this year, at Christopher Newport (Christopher Newport) In his biography, he said that the holiday destination he dreamed of was Jamaica and his people, and his most hopeful satisfaction was Malcolm X. “He is always super sweet. I love him with all his friends, and we all sadly see He left Glenville,” Fink Alaina, a friend of the suspect, Green told Greenist. Once, Green hinted that he was suspected of having this incident in 2019, and he experienced “a series of worrying symptoms.” “He thought it was “a side effect of the medicine I took without knowing it.” “He also said that he originally intended to start a business, but his path was “frustrated.” It is not clear from his Facebook page how he recently joined the Islamic State. Earlier positions revolved around football and universities rather than religion. Her ary According to the report, his grandmother died of a long-term illness in 2019 when he was a Baptist. But in March, Green’s post seemed to be overwhelmed by religious warnings about the end. In the end, study who is the beast and who An antichrist, studying who is a false prophet, and studying the images created during this period. The minister is here to save me and other humans, even if it means facing death.” He wrote on March 17 Tao, and then ominously ended the post with “We still have a little time.” Once listed as an address in Indianapolis, it shows that he recently tried to change his name. In December 2020, he submitted a petition to legally change his name to Noah Zaeem Muhammad. But after he failed to attend the hearing earlier this week and the court apparently did not receive a letter from him, the matter was dismissed and the case was declared “closed.” Tell stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! 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