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Forget Sidney Crosby’s 1,001th game. Why match 1,589 is important. What does this mean for his future.

I look forward to Sidney Crosby’s 1,169th game because the Penguins will play in Washington on Tuesday night.

wait. what?

I’m sure you want to know how I came up with this number, because how we witnessed Crosby’s 1,000th game against the New York Islanders on Saturday.

Seeing his performance in 1

68 playoff games, I just happened to think that the recognition has expired. Moreover, according to many NHL players talking about the intensity of playoff games being “twice” the regular season, maybe this number is actually 336.

Therefore, if you want to attribute Crosby’s 1,336 games to me, I will not stop you.

However, before I turned it into a theoretical numerical exercise, since Stanley Tucci became unique in his “Margin Call” article, we have never seen anything like it.

In a non-pandemic year (if you see one of them again), the league will play 82 games.

Therefore, Crosby played the other two seasons of NHL hockey in the playoffs alone. In addition to completing 15 regular seasons (16 games so far this year).

So let us figure out how much extra mileage will affect Crosby’s lifespan.

If you don’t like the numbers, just skip to the section where you see Crosby statistics in bold and italic, and we will catch up with you. If you want to know how we get to the other side of the bridge, please stay with me.

Here are some comparisons with other NHL luminaries that Crosby often contacts.

Steve Yzerman (22 seasons) participated in 1,514 regular season games, including 196 playoff games.

Wayne Gretzky (20 seasons) participated in 1,487 regular season games, including 208 playoff games.

Mario Lemieux (17 seasons) 915 regular season games and 107 playoff games.

There are similarities between many players and Crosby in terms of hockey acumen, skill level and achievement. Then there is Jaromir Jagr (24 seasons), who is similar to No. 87 in hockey mania and training dedication.

Jagr has 1733 regular season games and 208 playoff games. Lord knows how many KHLs, Czech leagues, international competitions and European catch leagues he has tried in each offseason.

Crosby missed the playoffs only twice. It was his rookie season. Once because of his concussion in 2011, he was absent. Gretzky reached 16 of the playoffs in 20 attempts. Jagr 18 of 24. Yzerman 20 of 22. Lemieux 8 of 17.

Due to the pandemic pause and manual interruption, these are difficult compensations, not to mention Lemieux’s injury, Jagr’s departure from Europe and Crosby’s concussion.

But now that we have passed halfway through the Tucci bridge, the picture is clear enough, and although the heavy lifting in the playoffs caused some obvious additional wear and tear, Crosby may be in a few years after his current contract expires. Play a role at the end of 2025.

By then, Sid “The Kid” was nearly 38 years old. Gretzky retired at the age of 38. Yzerman is 40 years old. Jagr ended his last NHL season in 2018 at the age of 45.

With the exception of Lemius, the other three played 28 to 40 more playoff games than Crosby.

This is when the prediction becomes a little hazy, because we don’t know how many games Crosby will play in the regular season, and how long or how far the Penguins will go in the playoffs. So we will average.

In his 13 playoff seasons, Crosby averaged 13 playoff games per season. Or about one six games and one seven games.

Since Crosby returned from the concussion and downtime, the Penguins captain has played an average of 79 games per season. This started in the 2013-14 campaign and continued until the end of 2019, while ruling out the 2020 chaos that was truncated due to the pandemic and Crosby’s core muscle injury.

Counting the games held in Washington on Tuesday, PEN has 40 games left this year. Let us be optimistic, saying that the NHL is crowded among everyone, Crosby will not miss any opportunities.

Participate in 79 regular season games and multiply that by the remaining four years after the end of 2021, which is 316 more regular season games. Add the remaining 40 games this year.

Now, in the 5 playoffs (including this season), an average of 13 playoffs each year. Before Crosby completes his contract, that means there are 65 playoff games.

In this way, before the Crosby trade is over, we are expected to wear the Penguins jersey to participate in 421 games.

With these 421 games being added to Crosby’s statistics, by the summer of 2025, when his contract expires, the total number of playoffs and regular season games will look like this.

Jagr (45) -1,941 (24 seasons)

Yzerman (40) -1,710 (22 seasons)

Gretzky (38) -1,686 (20 seasons)

Crosby (38) -1,589 (20 seasons)

Lemi (40) -1,022 (17 seasons)

These forecasts are very optimistic for Crosby. They believe that PEN has achieved success in the playoffs, and Crosby has not suffered major injuries. In other words, when it comes to how much hockey he can leave after the contract expires, they show that he is at the same level as some historical peers.

So, what is the purpose of this exercise?

Watch “Margin Call”. This is the point. This is an underrated movie. It is also very timely now. enjoy it. Thank me later.

However, in addition to this, the key is that Crosby may still put some hockey on his tank when the contract is terminated. Penguin and Crosby have to figure out whether he will play here or elsewhere for another two or three years.

Crosby said on Friday: “I think as long as I feel good, I will continue to play as much as possible.” “I don’t really know what that age is. But I think I just focus on fulfilling the contract and look at the time Condition, but I feel really good.

“I want to keep playing, so I think we have to go and watch.”

Another compensation? Two of these guys live in a city (Lemieux, Yzerman). There are two without (Grotsky, Jager). But Gretzky and Jager left the first team at the age of 28. Crosby is 33 years old.

Crosby added: “I like to play here. This is the place I want to go most in my career.”

So maybe Penguin can hire Tucci to figure out how to increase the $8.7 million cap in 2026 and beyond.

Brian Metzer of Radio Penguin and I participated in the “Breakfast with Mercedes-Benz” podcast on Tuesday. We looked at Sidney Crosby’s 1,000th gaming milestone, his long-term future, Evgeni Malkin’s struggles and the state of the Eastern Division.

Tim Benz is a review writer for the Tribune. You can contact Tim via tbenz@triblive.com or via Twitter. All tweets can be reposted. Unless otherwise stated, all emails can be posted.

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