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For some reason, Marvel’s Avengers’ XP smash speed will become slower and slower

Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix’s action role-playing game was finally released on the current version of the console on March 18, but it has also undergone another change. After this date, it will take longer to reach the maximum character level of the game because developers are increasing the requirements for XP.

According to the developers, quick upgrades and quick XP gains can confuse new players, partly because each level requires approximately the same amount of XP to pass, and each character level requires more.

“This leads to tempo issues, such as the current rewards for skill points are too fast, which may confuse and overwhelm novices. We hope that every decision to invest in a skill or heroic hero is more meaningful.”

; The developer said.

In order to help reduce the progress that players can complete quickly, the XP required to level up in the late game has been added starting from character 25. To end this post, the developer recommends that anyone who does not have a role must do so. Level 50 has been quickly adjusted before the change on March 18. Of course, this means that players who restart on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will be forced to enter a new, slower level adjustment system.

One thing that is not entirely clear is why this change must be made. XP does not start to increase until level 25, which means that new players may still be confused by skills.More importantly, the slogan of upgrading the character to level 50 is already one of the slowest and worst parts of the game. Marvel’s Avengers. To say the least, it makes the process more tedious, especially for novices, which is confusing.

Update on March 18 Marvel’s Avengers It will also include the release of Hawkeye, as well as new changes to cosmetics, which will slightly reduce their randomness and allow players to better control the objects they unlock.

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