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Finding loneliness during the pandemic

Antwerp, Belgium (AP)-One year after the pandemic, almost everyone’s travel experience has changed.

Therefore, it is not surprising that someone thought of this: it is not so much a cabin on a Mediterranean cruise ship, vacationers and thousands of other people wandering around, it is more solitary, on land, in the middle of nowhere.

These wooden cabins did not replace the luxury, air-conditioning, four-course dinner and cocktails that life had before COVID-19, but issued a warning: Don’t stay in the shower for too long, or it might get cold. And don’t bother to find Wi-Fi.

Slow Cabin is the concept of Antwerp entrepreneur Xavier Leclair, and it offers all of this or even less: the chance of catching the coronavirus in a small, fully sustainable eco-household is very small.

“One of the main reasons we went to this cabin was to escape work and other overloads. In order to disconnect from the Internet and reconnect with each other in a natural and simpler life,”

; Kim De Vos (from Elpe, Belgium) Kim Devos) said.

Each eco-cabin is equipped with solar panels, rainwater collectors, wood-burning stoves, kitchenettes with dry toilets and bathrooms. A large number of large windows provide the best reality show: nature itself.

Solar cells can only store a limited amount of energy, but the water storage is so large that all of this can be monitored. How you will use these resources and the awareness of how to use them will be brought back to your home.

And when the location of the cabin becomes well known, they can easily be pulled up and transported.

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