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Finally, the doorbell of the pandemic era

Alarm.com announced a new device for everyone who is worried about visitors catching COVID-19 from their doorbell. The non-contact video doorbell is designed to emit a sound when its camera detects that a visitor is standing on the doormat, instead of using a button. Alarm.com claims that this is “the first commercially available video doorbell that can ring without any contact,” and its goal is to “reduce public health risks and make medical visits and delivery safe for everyone.”

Seems to admit that this is Confusing way To make the doorbell ring, there are instructions on how to make the ringtone printed on the front of the device. Alarm.com also sells doormat accessories for doorbells, which guide visitors where to stand so that the doorbell can see them correctly. Given that we found that most delivery drivers are confused by Yale̵

7;s “smart delivery box,” this contactless doorbell may cause similar confusion.

For instructions on how to ring, see the doorbell itself.
Image: Alarm.com

…And door mat accessories, sold separately.
Image: Alarm.com

When Alarm.com’s doorbell detects someone, it will ring at home, send a notification to your phone, and then start recording a video clip. You can see and talk to visitors through the doorbell, and it is also integrated with the rest of the house’s Alarm.com smart home security system, so it can trigger other devices, such as lights, when a person is detected. Its camera is 1080p HDR and is also equipped with infrared night vision.

What is admirable is that the main group of people who benefit from contactless doorbells will be delivery drivers, who have become an important lifeline for people to avoid leaving their homes. But it is not clear how much help a contactless doorbell can actually provide.

The latest recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is that surface transmission (such as touching a doorbell infected with the virus and then touching your face) “is not considered a common way for COVID-19 to spread.” Instead, people think that COVID- 19 It often spreads from person to person during close contact between people. This is something you can avoid without touching the smart doorbell.

Alarm.com’s contactless video doorbells can now be used through the company’s installation partner network. When asked, the company would not comment on the exact price of the system, but stated that the price of the doorbell itself was “under $200.”

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