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“Final Fantasy” creator Sakaguchi talks about why “Fantasia” has become a unique mobile RPG

Hironobu Sakaguchi, ” Final fantasy Series, return to the world with an epic RPG Fantasia, Apple Arcade officially launched today. It is worth celebrating. After exploring the world of mobile games with his studio Mistwalker for the past ten years, Fantasia This is Sakaguchi’s first narrative RPG since the Wii title in 2011 The last story. And it doesn’t look like any RPG game-the background is captured from a hand-made miniature scene, giving the portrait a diorama-like beauty.

Coupled with a unique combat system, you can accumulate a backlog of enemies, one battle, Fantasia It is possible to go beyond the “mobile RPG” label.At least, it̵

7;s a far cry from the blinds of Mistwalker Battle of Terra with Terracotta Warriors The games on smartphones are more like what Sakaguchi game console fans expect. (Even from Final fantasy Composer Nobuo Uematsu! ) Although the recording studio never fully reached the peak of the Sakaguchi era in the Square era, the 2007 era The Lost Odyssey On Xbox 360 and The last story All reminded him that he can still make a compelling RPG.


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Sakaguchi told Engadget through an interpreter at his home in Hawaii that his love for model kits and hand-made objects led to Fantasia Unique aesthetics.with Terracotta Warriors, He tried to bring the diorama look into the game, but this is a fairly simple strategy title. “When I stare at these [miniatures] Every day, I want to know how cool the narrative-driven experience of exploring and immersing in this world can be,” he said.

Fantasy on Apple Arcade


In addition to the diorama effect, Fantasia It seems to be another traditional RPG. You play as Leo, a boy with amnesia who tries to regain his memories in a world ruled by machines. Naturally, you will eventually fall into a bigger mystery: why the world is replaced by mechanical infection. As the title of Apple Arcade, you will be able to play it on iPhone, iPad, Mac and even Apple TV, and you can track your progress on all devices.

As for his favorite gaming platform, Sakaguchi said that he mainly plays games on a Mac with a studio monitor, so he can carefully check the 4K texture of the game. Sakaguchi said: “I think this really highlights a lot of attention to detail, especially in diorama and handmade natural environments.”

Although he admits that he is happy to see other people playing games at the highest resolution, he is also interested in the touch screen interface because it is almost like the player is directly touching the hand-made background. He said: “There are many connections between people, so I think it’s very synergistic.” In this regard, he recommends playing on a large-screen iPad. (This is how I plan to spend most of my time on the game.)

Fantasia The “Dimengeons” system is an alternative dimension that can save the enemy’s encounters in the future, which happens almost by accident. Sakaguchi told us that when testing the game on the touch screen, he tried a character and tried to reach a treasure house in a remote area. He watched them move through multiple areas, switching between screens, and finally found that this is a useful way to explore the game environment. He said: “Therefore, we hope that players can choose to focus on the exploration and discovery of the game, rather than being interrupted by random encounters.”

Fantasy on Apple Arcade

Sakaguchi said that although you can store up to 30 enemies at the beginning, you can eventually hold up to 40 or 50 enemies. Of course, if your ability is insufficient and you choose to take on a large number of bad guys all at once, then you will face an uphill battle, so this is a bet that gamers must consider. In order to help in particularly busy battles, there is also a “gi head” system that can increase the player’s power, such as increasing attack power or increasing character turns.

Sadly, not all RPGs can be like Timing trigger And let you completely avoid encountering enemies. But the Dimengeon system sounds like a useful compromise, especially if you only have a few minutes to play, and would rather explore the world than get caught up in useless battles.

For a typical drill, Sakaguchi said, you can expect Fantasia Each process takes about 20 hours. (The first part will be released today, and the second part will arrive sometime in the future.) If you are a player who likes to explore every corner and crack, you can even reach 30 hours of game time. You can also expect minor changes in the style of the game. The first part emphasizes the core narrative and characters, while the second part is task-driven.

Sakaguchi said: “Players have a lot of freedom to approach the areas and tasks they want to do.” “We think this will help players take a breather after establishing a character, and approach the second half with a fresh mind.”

Fantasy on Apple Arcade


When we were about to end the chat, I couldn’t help asking Sakaguchi about the remake of Mistwalker’s earlier RPG, especially The last story, Can only be played on Wii or Wii U. He had said before that he was not interested in doing this work by himself, so I asked him if he would accept a third-party studio instead. “Even if we outsource something similar to another studio,” he said, “I think in the end I still have to make sure to check everything. I think it will be inevitable. I have to check everything you know my name will continue Things to use.”

He also pointed out that the energy consumed by the remake is almost the same as the energy used to make a new game today.Especially for The last story, It was developed for Wii with SD, so its assets need to be upgraded to HD or 4K. Sakaguchi said: “As a personal preference, I want to devote my energy and effort to creating new and original things.”

As a person who appreciates aesthetics Final Fantasy: Inner Spirit -A crucial business failure that cost Square US$94 million-I also want to know if Sakaguchi would be interested in exploring new ways of narrative, perhaps through streaming. He said: “I think that in addition to streaming narrative-driven experiences, the new streaming industry has many interesting possibilities,” “By looking at user feedback, we may be able to change the story in almost real time.”

Fantasy on Apple Arcade


His description almost sounds like Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Experiments with Netflix’s other narratives, but as he develops further, it becomes more unique: “I think in some cases, developers can almost act like game masters, and then publish some content to see the audience’s Reaction… Then you broadcast almost from the perspective of a game master, which is a brand new media style.”

When asked if he would be interested in exploring projects like this, Sakaguchi said with a smile: “I think this will require a lot of work.”

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