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The President of the United States said that after he voted in Florida in the early voting in the presidential election, he voted for “a man named Trump.”

; (October 24)

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Phoenix News-On Wednesday, a U.S. fighter jet escorted a plane in restricted airspace near the President Donald Trump rally in Boulder, Arizona. This was a brief event that briefly distracted the president and the crowd. .

The North American Aerospace Defense Command tweeted that when it approached the city of Bullhead, it sent two F-16s to investigate “general aircraft that did not communicate with air traffic controllers.”

The agency stated: “The offending aircraft did not respond to the initial interception procedure, but radio communication was established after the NORAD aircraft deployed the flare.” “The aircraft was escorted out of the restricted area by the Norad aircraft without further incident.”

Norad declined to disclose the origin of the plane, but Luke Air Force Base said it was not involved in the incident. The FAA spokesperson returned the incident to NORAD.

When many in the crowd saw flares and air traffic nearby, Trump joked that military craftsmanship tried to impress him.

“Wow. That plane has been in use for about four days. We have all the brand new equipment, F-35, everything. We are the envy of the world,” he cheered. “Do you know? We are envious-do you know, Dan? Look at that fool. He is trying to show off to the President. Yes, that’s one of us.”

While the crowd was still focusing on spending actions, Trump once again downplayed the exercise and said that Democrats have been opposed to hardware that attracts attention.

He said: “I like that sound. You don’t know how I brought those fools there. I had to get that money from the Democratic Party.”

When one of the warning lights was visible, Trump led the crowd to the sky.

“Look, look! Look. Oh, look. They showed the president a little bit,” he said when the crowd began to chant, “America! America!”

Trump continued: “How about that? How about that? I want to know if the fake news captures this.” “I like it. You don’t know how difficult it is to get Democrats to pay for these things.”

Trump suggested that Democrats oppose funding for F-35 fighter jets and other equipment, which has an important presence in Luke. However, it was the late Senator John McCain (R. Ariz.) who chaired the Senate Armed Services Committee and was one of the biggest critics of the aircraft.

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