Columbus, Ohio-Former Ohio State Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton, encouraged Ohioans to go deeper because the state is experiencing the greatest amount of coronavirus transmission.

Acton said in the new video: “We are facing a more insidious infectious disease than this virus, and that is fear.” “Fear paralyzes us, turns us inward and away from each other. This prevents us from being there with each other. Support. This is exactly what we need to do now.”

Acton stepped down as a director in June and left the DeWine government in August. She is now the Good Faith Director of the Columbus Foundation̵

7;s “Good Columbus” initiative. The video was released on Friday to commemorate “World Charity Day.”

Since leaving office, Acton has only accepted one media interview. She told The New Yorker magazine last month that the country needs “long-term emotional survival strategies” to survive the pandemic.

In the video, Acton urged Ohioans to support each other in the coming months, especially medical staff who are feeling the pressure to spread.

Acton said: “Please, let us commit to acting on love instead of hatred.” “Let us act with kindness instead of fear. Courage-we do need courage now-doesn’t mean you have no fear, but This means you will still move on.”

In the early stages of the Ohio pandemic response, Acton’s guidance and daily public appearances earned Acton praise and sympathy. She was also criticized for her early prediction of the spread of the virus (which is only now realized) and for signing a health bill. She signed a contract to close businesses and schools in March.

DeWine’s choice to succeed Acton rejected the job on the grounds of harassment against Acton, including armed protesters demonstrating outside her home, and an anti-abortion organization publishing an interview with her estranged mother, questioning her mental health.

Ohio is now in the midst of its third outbreak of the virus, with a record 7,101 new cases and 3,024 current hospitalizations reported on Thursday.

Acton said in the video that the next few months will be difficult and we “must make sacrifices during this holiday to protect all upcoming holidays.” She urged people to wear masks, keep their distance from others and wash their hands-every Individuals are like a layer of Swiss cheese, combined more effectively than any kind of behavior.

Acton said that kindness is another layer of help: “put on these cloaks, put on your mask, stop being kind, and we will move forward with you.”

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