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Fauci, the founder of Black Lives Matter, was listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

Anthony FauciAnthony Fauci Overnight Healthcare: Health Officials Tell the Public to Trust Science | CDC’s Despair Under Trump Influence A New Vaccine Phase 3 Trial Started When Health Officials Tell the Public to Trust Science Fauci during intense exchanges during hearings Scolding Rand Paul moreThe largest infectious disease expert in the United States and the founder of the Black Life Issues Movement was included in the list of the 1

00 most influential people of 2020 released by Time magazine on Wednesday.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases won the award in the biography written by the late night host Jimmy KimmelJames (Jimmy), the founder of Christian Kimmel Fauci (Black Lives Matter), was included in Time’s 100 most influential people list, Denny Hamlin (Denny Hamlin) NASCAR team learn more, He praised Fauci’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic.

“When COVID-19 raised his ugly head, he was the first to present the fact and the only fact,” Kimmel wrote. “Doctor Fauci speaks for himself and does not want to be pressured by politicians. He is sincere and has one goal: to save lives and communicate the truth to the best of his ability. His courage and frankness won our trust. We We are all lucky to have a man of his wisdom, experience and integrity to help us navigate these difficult waters.”

Fauci said in a video with “Times” that the epidemic has evolved in a “very divided period, which is highly condemned politically.”

Immunologists said: “People who disagree, you will become a symbol of hatred and venom.” “On the other hand, the amount of support I get is incredible. People desire clarity, honesty, and courage to adhere to the right approach. I am my symbol.”

The list also includes the founders of black life issues-Alicia Garza (Alicia Garza), Patrice Cullors (Patrisse Cullors) and Opal Tometi.

These women are respected by the mother of Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager who was fatally shot to death by volunteer guards in the neighborhood. George Zimmerman in 2012.

Sybrina Fulton wrote that shortly after her son was killed, she first heard of the Black Life Issues Movement and said that this move made her feel “supported and encouraged.”

Fulton wrote: “There are only three of them, but they are everywhere.” Fulton is eligible to run for office in Florida. “They make people think: What if you have a 17-year-old son wearing a hoodie, no weapons, only candies and drinks, and now he dies on the ground? What if your daughter is sleeping in her bed and the police knocks down the door What should I do if I killed her? What do you think? This is the question of “Black life is essential”.”

After the death of George Floyd in May, months after protesting racial inequality and police brutality, Fulton wrote: “This year feels different.”

“It’s about human life. We want people to support us, stand with us, write letters, talk to your local officials, participate in rallies. Do something. Make sure people hear your voice saying: “Black lives It’s important.” We can’t give up. Patrisse, Alicia and Opal won’t.” Fulton concluded.

President TrumpDonald John Trump Trump Biden rejects Trump’s commitment to the peaceful transfer of power: “Which country are we in?” Romney: Not committed to the peaceful transition of power is “incredible and unacceptable” Two Louisville police officers were shot and killed during a Brina Taylor grand jury protest, The Democratic presidential candidate Joe BidenJoe Biden Biden talked about Trump’s refusal to commit to the peaceful transfer of power: “Which country are we in?” A democratic group that used Bloomberg funds to launch a Spanish ad in Harris, Florida Facing a critical moment in the battle of the Supreme Court And the former vice president’s running partner senator Kamala HarrisKamala Harris Harris faces a critical moment in the battle of the Supreme Court (D-Calif.), also included in the list.

Brian Bennett, a senior White House correspondent for Time magazine, described Trump’s “rule-breaking presidency”. He wrote that Trump showed that he was willing to “repeatedly criticize the guardrail to make the government bend, often For his personal political interests.”

“Trump’s calculations have real-world consequences. Even if climate change brings about widespread fires and more violent hurricanes, he has abandoned environmental regulations.” Bennett added. “He downplayed the severity of COVID-19 very early, refused to wear a mask for several months, and put pressure on government scientists to change their recommendations because the virus eventually spread to more than 200,000 Americans. He ignored the request. The national appeal against structural racism and inciting the flames of racial unrest, sending federal agents to confront the protesters and calling themselves “police” candidates.”

Bennett said on Election Day that voters will decide “whether Trump’s use of power will be a warning story or a herald of more power.”

Rep. James Clayburn (DS.C.) wrote that Biden was “honest, compassionate and compassionate-but most importantly, he is a civil servant.”

“Like most Americans, Joe Biden also knows hardship. He knows disappointment; he knows moments of sacrifice and satisfaction. Leading a country to the highest point is one thing, but I believe this is enough to explain Joe’s character, he Will lead us through these unprecedented challenges and struggle.” Cliburn said.

And representatives. Ayanna PressleyFox (Ayanna PressleyFauci), the founder of Black Lives Matter was included in Time magazine’s list of 100 most influential people. After giving a speech on alopecia patients, Presley applauded in the House of Representatives (D-Mass.) Praising Harris as a “blazer,” and nomination of the Democratic Party ticket “is the realization of a dream that many people have struggled for a long time to achieve.”

“Kamala embodies the beliefs and expectations of the little girls and young women who see themselves every day. We talked about our elders and then said, “We are the main reason for them,” Presley wrote. From now on, a generation of young people will look at Kamala and say,’We are because of her. “”

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