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Fauci says there is no need to lock down unless COVID becomes “really bad”

Just as politicians and medical experts are discussing whether the lockdown is necessary to contain the coronavirus, Anthony Fauci Again, he believes that there is no need for a nationwide blockade. The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said that this epidemic must be “really, really bad” before he approves of it.He was related to Dr. Jon LaPook 60 minutes Aired on October 18.Keep reading and don’t miss these Determine the signs that you already have coronavirus.

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Did Dr. Fauci make a lock-in recommendation?

“When it comes to the national lockdown, how bad will things get?” LaPook asked Fauci.

Fauci said: “They have to become very, very bad.” “First, the country is tired of restrictions. Therefore, we have to use public health measures, not to hinder the open economy, but to become a safe gateway to the open economy. Therefore, we No objection: open economy [to] Get back to work or close. Do not. Putting your hands down and saying: “We will use public health measures to help us safely get where we want to go.”

This is not the first time Fauci has indicated that it does not need to be locked.

Dr. Fauci’s recent lockdown record

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June 30: In the testimony before the Senate, Dr. Fauci made it very clear that our preventive method should not be “all or nothing,” and socialization should not be on the table. When Senator Mitt Romney asked him about the safest situation, he pointed out: “Outdoors are better than indoors.”

July 24: “I don’t think it is necessary to do this. But it may happen, but now, I think if you look at the situation in some southern states, the case review, you can suspend it. What you are doing, you may even take a step back . Let me give you an example. If some states or cities are in the second phase of the open U.S. guidelines, then you may want to suspend or return to the first phase; or, if you are in the first phase, please return to the gateway of the guide Component. So I’m not sure if you need to suddenly get everyone back to a fully locked state. You always have to put it on the table, but I think we can get around what we’re doing now and put the lid on , You can stop it with more caution.”

August 5: “According to Dr. Fauci, the country does not need to be completely shut down to recover.” I think this strange binary method is either locked or let it all fly, when we can open the economy and still avoid us from watching There has been such a surge. “He said.

October 1st: “I hope to have the opportunity to say it again, because unfortunately, due to differences between people, I ignore them. I believe that the vast majority of my public health colleagues, colleagues involved in infectious diseases, think that we should use public health to die People and public health activities help us open the economy.” He continued: “Don’t interpret it as an obstacle to the open economy.” “Because if you work in the way we stipulate, the first stage, the second stage, the first A three-stage portal without having to skip the benchmarks you are looking for, you can safely get people back to work and get the economy. This is what you do in extreme situations. You either think everything is closed or you know Watch out for the wind, and we can’t do that. That will cause you trouble.”

October 13: Fauci commented in Trump’s tweet that the blockade must end and New York should be opened. “Well, New York, after being hit hard, a few months and a few months ago, they did a very good job of maintaining infection levels and reducing the positive rate of testing. They are trying to open up, and we are trying to do things. “And their cases are increasing. But what they have to do is… as low as I said, which means making sure people do what we are talking about. If they do, they don’t Will do. They don’t need to be completely closed. They need to be opened gradually and cautiously. I believe this is what Governor Cuomo is trying to do… I just think we need to focus on the four to five basic things we need to do, Fauci continued. .

The basic principles of Dr. Fauci

So please practice the basic principle: put on Mask, Avoid crowds, avoid entering the indoor space with people who do not live with them, maintain good hand hygiene, and do not look at these things 35 places most likely to catch COVID.

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