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“Fatty” is Megan Kelly’s dream come true, Mel Gibson plays Santa Claus with a gun

A kindThe United States-at least most of its citizens-eventually rejected Donald Trump. But somehow, Mel Gibson’s redemption plan continues.The latest chapter of this work is Fat man, This is the dark story of Santa Claus. In that frustrating anti-Semitic/racist/sexist actor, the grizzly bear “Chris Cringle” (Chris Cringle) is frustrated with the weakening of the holiday spirit, Therefore, he had to let go of more and more coal children as he pleased. Gibson’s Chris was dissatisfied that he was not loved as much as before. He became famous all over the world for his newly acquired second-rate status and others who used him for his own benefit.Reality and fiction cannot reflect each other more transparently or awkwardly

Written and directed Little time liar Filmmakers Eshom and Ian Nelms Fat man (It will be released in theaters on November 1

3, and will debut on VOD and digital TV on November 24) Imagining its Santa Claus with a clear Gibsonian vision, there is no doubt that this will become like Fox The music of Megyn Kellys, a world person in the news. Seeing that Saint Nick meets their own white and conservative ideals. Alas, there really is no interesting purpose for this. The fables, the dark mixed up of the assassin actor and the absurd comedy, the murderous emotions simply don’t work. This is because these elements are inherently incompatible, not because the Nelms brothers failed to develop their escape in a smart place The premise or the way of humor. Instead, they think that it is a joke to ironically use notorious annoying guys like Gibson as the embodiment of joyous cheers, a revisionist Christmas legend that can maintain the characteristic length. It turns out that they were wrong.

Santa Claus Fat man (Produced by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green) is a grumpy old fool with a grassy beard and buried in a furry hat. Under the flannel shirt and coat. He shot in a local bar, put it in a sandbag to emit steam, and constantly complained about his obsolescence in a world of seeds that didn’t need or wanted him. Chris wanted to give up, even though his wife Ruth (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) would not allow him to do so. Therefore, when he found himself in financial trouble (because his contract with the US government stipulates that the annual subsidy depends on the amount of gifts he provides, and these gifts are decreasing), he agreed to sign a contract with the US Army to help them Ship parts for the new fighter.

This makes Chris feel sold out, and it is certain that the day after Christmas, although Chris is still recovering from the bullet wounds suffered during his annual work, he is still posting news to his elf studio Shi cried. Fat manHowever, this does not mean that this round of events is inherently negative; the longer he cooperates with the military, the more Chris can become his old man. His sense of purpose and Uncle Sam began to send his lucrative checks. He regained his life. He was reborn with ruthless cash, which enabled him to perform his duties as a benevolent godfather. He provided toys to young boys and girls. There was a small plaque engraved on it with the words “Made in Santa’s Workshop”. ’S workshop), this is a strange scene, both self-interested and cruel business sense, not to mention arrogance.

Conflict Fat man A real war broke out during Christmas. It was orchestrated by a preschool pupil, Billy (Chance Hurstfield). He responded to the failure of a science competition by threatening his opponent with torture (to scare her to give up victory), and By hiring his favorite assassin (Walton Goggins) to discover and kill Chris, he reacted to a lump of coal found under the tree. Since Goggins’ killer man is also a picky man, his office and home are both rigorous and meticulous. His clothes include a jacket and a black high-necked suit. He has a grudge against the lads associated with Cringle in the past. He readily agrees to this job and begins to find the holiday titans carefully hidden lair and exact justice for all these punks. Who deserves what they don’t deserve.

Given Fat man Destined to let Goggins’ killer confront Gibson’s Chris, there is no tension in the former’s pursuit of revealing the latter’s whereabouts. The reliable and charismatic Goggins is worn by a single-note character who is neither interesting nor threatening. Handcuffed. The same is true for Billy. Billy is a socially ill person with a nasal nose. He uses a check stolen by his wealthy grandmother in a wheelchair to fund his criminal activities. Their scenes, both together and separated from each other, are both practical and boring, aiming to highlight their rough personality and motivation and push the plot to an inevitable climax. The Niles brothers were unable to extract a uniquely weird moment from their plight or the various details of Chris’ actions, such as his elves’ high-sugar diet, which made the proceedings feel like a new premise, not properly received The solution. Substantial.

The purpose of describing Mrs. Cringle as a black woman is to antagonize Gibson’s notorious reputation for racism…

Gibson exudes a rude sentiment of “don’t step on me”, which has become his stock trading after the scandal, although here is alleviated by selfless kindness (he does care about children, or he says). Love for Chris’ wife Ruth.The purpose of portraying Mrs. Cringle as a black woman is to resist Gibson’s notorious reputation for racism (from his rant to her former partner Oksana Grigorieva: “You look like a fucking hot pig. n *** raped, um, it will be your fault”. Although it is difficult to understand why Jean-Baptiste participated in this cause, it did not succeed; Gibson’s unpleasant barb feeling persisted throughout first place Fat man, The film’s attempt to make this painful Santa likable.

As in many recent Gibson outings, resolutions and rescues are ultimately achieved by the barrel of a gun, and a series of gun battles consumed the last twenty minutes of this inertia event. Trying to strike a balance between bitterness and sweetness, Fat man Stumbled to the end, Gibson transformed himself into a god of self-ownership and revenge, who used violent threats to demand and accept better teenage behavior. Chris’s revelation is that it is not enough to blame children for their bad things. In fact, he may generate resentment and turn them into evil adults. The best way is to scare them into submission. There is no doubt that the writer/director also intends to satirize this. However, such a worldview is cruel and naive, but it has become cruel and ruthless, which in turn makes it echo the news of current affairs.

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