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Fate 2: Warmind Review – Back to Work

Destiny 2 has been fighting to keep its players for some time. In their second expansion, Warmind, the biggest question was whether Destiny 2 could tempt people to come back to her. This expansion is more geared towards hardcore gamers, offering challenging endgame activities and a slower, more challenging level to get there. If you are not interested in these things, there is not much to see next to the same Destiny 2 activities.

Warmind's campaign consists of a handful of missions and takes about one and a half hours to complete. If you have not played Destiny 2 since Curse of Osiris, it's easy to jump back. I started out at 310, painting minimally to keep up with the recommended level of each mission. It remains a welcome relief from Destiny's punishing pace, where dropping a couple of weeks took a few more weeks of intense grinding just to catch up.

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Like most story-centric activities in Destiny 2, Warmind's campaign justifies enough to justify counter-attacking and lets you fill in the rest , This can work really well, but in Warmind many seemingly important things are packed in no time. a buried Golden Age research facility, new information about Rasputin, a crazy mighty spear, and suddenly a huge worm to kill. It's not that these things are not interconnected, but there's no time to absorb anything before you're in final combat, and it's disappointing.

Individually, the different components of Warmind are actually kinda cool. The Valkyrie Spear can kill swarms of enemies in a very satisfying throw, and the fight against a giant, snake-like monster is just fun for the spectacle. The new ally, Ana Bray, is almost interesting – she is related to Clovis Bray, a historical personage in the story of fate, and can speak with Rasputin – but she does not have enough time to develop into something substantial. Although Warmind is an extension of a hyper-intelligent AI that's been around since the first game, it feels like it's just the building blocks to an exciting story.

For relaxed Destiny 2 players, the more accessible activities are a great way to test the new changes to the exotic weapons launched during the expansion. The 1.2.0 update is available even if you do not have Warmind, but at least it's nice to have a reason to try the exotic buffs. My personal favorites are the Graviton Lance, which now fires a two-round burst with a stronger and more satisfying explosion on impact, and Riskrunner, which inflicts more damage when the Arc-buff is active. They actually feel like true exoticists now and are therefore worth booty, so much so that the changes steal Warmind's thunder.

Two story missions by Warmind are disappointingly used as Strike, as in Curse of Osiris. The addition of Nightfall-style modifiers to Heroic Strikes makes them at least more difficult, but the loot reward for their completion is not up to the challenge – weapons and gear fall by 340 points, which will be exactly in your place when you finish the story , The new cap is 385, leaving a big gap between the "simple" content and the final that could have been filled with mediocre Heroic Strike rewards. Overall, the middle section of the extension is unfortunately pretty empty to motivate you to move on.

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The new target, the polar ice caps of Mars, is about the size of Io. In addition to the new adventurous and lost sectors, Mars has new secrets to hunt in the form of sleeper knots. They are primarily for other tasks, but they can be fun and a good excuse to explore them. Mars also offers a new activity, Escalation Protocol. It's kind of like a public event where everyone in the area can participate, but it's much harder to throw waves of high-level hive on you. From the first week on, it's basically impossible to complete it, which makes it a nice achievement to do more in the late game. So far, Escalation Protocol is the most intriguing in Warmind – I really want to level enough so I can see what happens and what kind of loot I can get.

It feels as if Warmind has a slower burn than vanilla fate 2 or curse of Osiris. For example, to get the Exotic Fusion Rifle Sleeper Simulant, you'll need to complete a time-consuming, multi-level quest that runs both Heroic Strikes and Escalation Protocols. In the end, the challenging new Raid Lair is a great incentive to boost your power level. Grinding alone will probably keep the most dedicated players busy for a bit, and finding and implementing a sensible strategy once you've actually brought it into the battle toll is, as always, a reward in itself.

Whatever it is, we've already focused on reaching the level cap and completing any late-game activity. Warmind does not offer many draws for you. The only reason to do anything is to ascend or get new loot, and this may take you a while to deal with. How busy depends on your patience in grinding and your desire to jump through each hoop to get there. This barren intermediate level – if you've mastered the story and have to grind 20 or 30 power levels to reach the final – is a very easy place to lose steam.

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