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Faced with the threat of recall, Gavin Newsom asked to reopen

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) often talked about his desire to reopen the school. It was not until the last few days of last year that he proposed a plan to speed up his return to the classroom.

Faced with the real possibility of an election recall in the fall, getting children back in the classroom and preventing the growing frustration between parents has become a top priority for Newsom.

Democratic political adviser Robin Swanson said: “Parents want to know when their children can return to school safely,” he added, adding that safeguards such as teacher vaccines and personal protective equipment are critical to many It is important to parents. “If you lose your parents, you will lose California.”


Newsom categorically rejected suggestions that politics played a role in his pandemic decision, and even though he turned to campaigning in the state’s major media markets, he did not publicly acknowledge the recall. But his aides have acknowledged the obvious: If schools are opened and Californians are provided with widespread vaccinations before a possible election, Newsom’s chances of defeating the effort will be higher, so that tired voters will be able to regain their health. Daily life.

Newsom announced a $2 billion incentive package on December 30 to reopen the school. After persisting for several weeks, he provided sufficient guidance on the matter last summer. This time was widely interpreted by political observers in Sacramento as a response to the recall effort. As the winter vacation approaches, there may be a This is an attempt to attract parents, and there is no end to distance learning.

The governor of the state announced his proposal after news broke that it would donate $500,000 to the Republican campaign. Although Newsom advised Californians to avoid similar gatherings, after Newsom attended a lobbyist’s birthday party at an upscale French laundromat in Napa Valley, his public image took weeks.

As his plan is deadlocked in the legislature, Newsom announced last week that California will reserve a portion of the weekly vaccine supply for teachers and school staff in order to return educators to campus. Even so, political pressure continues to increase.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and 2018 Republican candidate John Cox announced that they will run for governor if the recall is qualified and polls show that Newsom’s approval rate drops sharply. The governor initiated a tour to promote his statewide vaccine work. , And invited the locals since the pandemic began. Compared with his multiple appearances on the Internet, reporters have seen significant changes in media propaganda.

The fact that fellow Democrats joined the governor and praised him for his handling of the pandemic allowed Newsom to launch a campaign against the removal without having to express opposition.

Congressman Robert Rivas (D-Hollister) said at a press conference in Fresno: “No governor has ever encountered such a crisis-accidents on an interstate scale, across the state, affecting every California People have caused unprecedented pressure on our medical system, and it lasted for more than a year.” On Friday. “In other states, you have some governors who have not yet acknowledged the scientific knowledge of COVID-19 and have withdrawn from the hard work of the leadership. Ours does not.

“Governor Newsom has been relentlessly paying attention to those people most affected by the virus, and he has shown support for the most vulnerable people in California again and again.”

However, not everyone in the Central Valley was deeply impressed by the governor. Fresno County Supervisor Ernest “Buddy” Mendes (Ernest “Buddy” Mendes) frequently appeared in his area last month, driven by political motivations and recall efforts .

He said: “He has never been to Fresno, and now suddenly they are taking pictures in Fresno.”

At the same time, as Newsom navigates a complex network of pandemics and dismissals, the governor finds himself caught between the union that helped him get to power and the public pressure that must be dealt with to retain this power.

The new urgency of reopening more schools puts Newsom’s most loyal supporters into an awkward position: the union represents teachers and other school employees, and they want to prioritize and strengthen the safety of their members in order to receive quick returns.

This week, Faulkner captured Newsom’s previous downturn in reopening schools to prove that he acquiesced to teachers but sacrificed children and families.

He said: “Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) has been waiting a long time to clear this mess, and our children will live to adulthood because of his mistakes.” “He left all the cards to the union. , He is unwilling to hold them accountable.”

California Teachers Association. And other school groups postponed the Governor’s plan to reopen the school as early as February 15. This date has passed and no action has been taken. The proposal is inconsistent with the union’s call to vaccinate school employees before they go to work in person, and teachers hope to take further safety measures.

When the legislature and the governor negotiated the availability of vaccines for educators and whether they should encourage the reopening of areas most affected by the virus, the CTA launched a $1 million TV commercial purchase on February 13, arguing Opening schools without prioritizing safety-including vaccines for educators-will only exacerbate the spread of the coronavirus.

The union stated that the cautious references to the governor’s advertisements are consistent with earlier digital advertisements, which attempt to clarify their views and eliminate dissatisfaction with educators.

Newsom said at a press conference last week that he has a very good relationship with the teachers’ union, “but people can disagree.”

Although publicly opposed to the union’s position that school employees should receive vaccines before returning to school in person, Newsom said on February 19 that the state will provide up to 75,000 vaccines to workers returning to classrooms every week. Attempts to help reassure teachers and faculty and staff under increasing pressure from parents, and promote an agreement with the legislature to reopen the school.

The struggle with the teachers’ union is just the latest episode in Newsom’s intermittent relationship with organized labor.

On January 13, he unexpectedly announced that the state’s vaccine distribution rules are being changed to give priority to people 65 and older. This has caused unions that represent gatekeepers, security guards, and other basic workers who have lost their jobs. Blow. In the early days of the pandemic, unions repeatedly called on the country to address basic needs, such as insufficient supply of personal protective equipment in the workplace. The request to extend paid sick leave for COVID-19 has also not been resolved.

At the executive committee meeting held last week, the California Federation of Labor (the state umbrella organization of 1,200 unions) filed a motion to publicly oppose the recall. When someone proposed an impromptu motion to resolve the issue, the leaders of many of the largest unions in the state did not expect to vote on the issue.

Labor sources have given different reasons for the board’s refusal, and some have questioned whether taking a position can verify the removal campaign against the governor before the governor’s eligibility is passed. Some people say that the lack of action shows the tension between the governor’s office and the union, and hesitated to support him publicly when so many ordinary union members were frustrated.

There is no doubt that federal and individual unions will eventually oppose the removal, but many people are weighing how much support to provide Newsom.

The National Federation of Health Care Workers, composed of 20,000 members, has stepped up to support the governor. The union launched a $100,000 advertising purchase campaign to try to persuade left-wing voters that if Newsom is recalled, the state’s progressive agenda will fall through.

Jim Araby once led the UFCW Western State Department and now directs the UFCW Local 5 strategic campaign. He said the union needs the governor as much power as he needs.

“I believe the governor needs to work hard to win,” Araby said. “There is some natural tension there, but for us, for our union, in the final analysis, we know that we have a person in the governor’s office who will listen to our concerns and will discuss and negotiate with us to reach an agreement. Agreement, we can always continue to develop. If he is recalled, it will not happen.”

Since the union is unlikely to support Newsom’s Republican opponents, some political advisers said it is not clear why Newsom did not work harder to reopen the school immediately. Parents are one of the most important people in California politics because they tend to be voters with high turnout rates. Although not all parents believe that schools should be opened immediately, some parents have become more vocal.

California Open Schools is an advocacy organization for parents of California schoolchildren. It calls on the governor and legislators to open schools now.

Megan Bacigalupi, a group advocate for the Oakland Unified School District and the parent of two children, said: “Parents are very upset.” “We are approaching a year when our children are out of school. We are looking forward to Sacramento’s Leaders play a leading role, and they should act quickly after the obvious things are right, and the right thing now is to reopen schools as soon as possible.”

Time magazine writers Melody Gutierrez and Phil Willon contributed to this report.

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