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Facebook’s Snapchat-like “Vanish Mode” feature enters Messenger and Instagram – TechCrunch

Facebook Today announced the launch of its disappearing message function similar to Snapchat, the disappearing mode, which will be released on Messenger and Instagram soon. This feature is designed for a more casual conversation, allowing users to set the chat to be automatically deleted after seeing the message and closing the chat.

In disappearing mode, Messenger And Instagram Users can send text chats, emoticons, pictures, GIFs, voice messages and stickers, and these messages will disappear when they are seen and the user exits the chat.

Picture credits: Facebook

However, unlike Snapchat, “disappearance mode” is not the default setting. Instead, users can enable it from existing chats by swiping up on the screen of the mobile device during the chat.

At first startup, a screen will appear explaining how the disappearance mode works. It also states that if someone takes a screenshot of the conversation (like Snapchat), it will alert the user.

For safety’s sake, Facebook supports blocking and reporting in disappearance mode. The company explained that if a user in a conversation reports a chat, the disappeared message will remain for up to 1 hour after it disappears. This allows Facebook to view the reported conversations and take action when needed.

Picture credits: Facebook

Vanishing mode is also an opt-in experience-this means you can choose whether to enter Vanishing Mode chat. Facebook says it only applies to people who have contact with you.

After entering disappearing mode, the screen will dim to indicate the change. To exit Vanishing Mode, click the “Turn Vanishing Mode Off” button at the top of the screen.

Facebook announced its Vanish Mode plan after overhauling the Instagram messaging experience in September. This update includes the ability for Instagram and Messenger users to communicate across applications, as well as other “interesting” features.

As part of this update, Instagram received a lot of Messenger-inspired additional content-for example, the ability to change the chat color or react with any emoji. However, although the disappearance has been announced, it is said that the disappearance mode feature will be launched “soon”.

Picture credits: Facebook

To be clear, “disappearance mode” is not designed to cater to those who want to ensure the entire dialogue. Although this feature is end-to-end encrypted, Facebook has provided a complete end-to-end encrypted conversation function (“secret conversation”). Instead, Vanish Mode’s main focus is to cut another advantage that rival Snapchat has.

These days are the same for Facebook courses. The company has copied Snapchat’s popular Stories format, and now there are more people using the product alone on each platform (over 50 billion, rather than all of Snapchat (294 million)).

To get the vanishing mode and other latest updates of the Instagram messaging experience, users must choose to join the upgrade. Essentially, these new features are used to attract Instagram users to agree to the upgrade.

After the upgrade, they will be further locked in the scope of Facebook, because they can also communicate with users on Facebook across platforms. Eventually, WhatsApp may also become part of this cross-platform communication strategy.

After the upgrade, people only need to use a messaging app to get in touch with friends and family on the world’s two largest social networks. Coupled with features such as Vanish Mode, they will not miss what they find in rival apps. At the same time, Facebook also plans to retain TikTok users with the help of Reels on Instagram.

Facebook stated that Vanish Mode will be launched today on Messenger in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Bangladesh, and Instagram (soon) in Canada, Argentina, Chile, Peru and other countries. The company said it will soon promote to other countries through these two platforms.

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