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Experts say the 10 best ways to keep your abdomen hypertrophy

The real challenge (and victory) of losing weight is to maintain a slim waist after losing excess weight. Weight cycling (often called yo-yo weight loss) is a common problem encountered by many people who lose weight.A study in the journal obesity, 14 contestants came from Biggest loser In the six years following the 2009 season, 13 former contestants were found to have regained their weight after the end of the competition. In fact, the weight of the four contestants exceeded the weight of their first performance. The researchers who conducted this study said that after losing weight, the human body will have potential obstacles: increased appetite and slower metabolism. How can you fight back?

Use these 1

0 simple strategies to control hunger, speed up your metabolism and avoid weight loss caused by increasing calorie consumption. And when you use it, try these 15 weight loss tips that are actually underestimated.

Woman manicure

If you have lost a lot of weight recently, you should definitely celebrate your success with a high glass of water! joke. Come on, be kind to yourself. you deserved. However, if your celebration involves many consecutive happy hours, or most of your favorite chocolate cake rich in fat and sugar, then it is likely that you will find your weight overwhelmed. Before opening a bottle of wine, please remember this sober statistic: Alcohol can reduce the body’s fat burning ability by as much as 73%!

This is a smarter way to celebrate: reward yourself with things you cannot put in. Leah Kaufman (Leah Kaufman), a registered dietitian based in New York City, MS, RD, and CDN, advises not to use food as a reward. She said: “I recommend using things like manicure and SoulCycle as a reward for all hard work.” When you eat junk food during an emotional diet, “it will only lead to unhealthy yoyo weight loss.”

Woman writing in food diary with egg toast carrot coffee on table

The most important concept to remember after losing a lot of weight is “metabolic adaptation”.

During weight loss, your body’s metabolism will naturally slow down the calories burned every day, thus accumulating fat. In addition, the level of leptin (a satiety hormone that tells you when you are full) actually drops after losing weight, so you may feel hungry. The key to avoiding the same calorie intake before weight loss is to double the awareness of calorie content and dietary intake. After reaching the weight loss goal, keep a food diary at least every day to achieve this goal. Research shows that paying more attention to the foods you eat (and how many calories there are) will help you choose healthier foods and reduce calorie-intensive processed food snacks. Such random accounting will also make people pay attention to the amount of fiber in their diet. A high-fiber diet (mainly from beans, legumes, fruits and vegetables) is essential to maintain weight loss.


Most people who reach their target weight will not step on the scale anymore. That was a mistake. Although scales are not the only way to judge your continued success, research shows that people who avoid etiquette weigh more than those who do not. why? The weight scale makes you always pay attention to your diet, it will prompt you to lose weight quickly. No need to be a slave to your Libra. Checking once a week should solve the problem. Here’s a hint: Because weight fluctuates naturally throughout the week, researchers say that Wednesday’s weighing is the most accurate.

Frozen food

These attractive frozen foods are both nutritious and convenient in the market, so we cannot say that we blame you for snapping up ready-made foods. But many of them are pretending to be enemies of healthy eating and weight loss. Just because they are touted as controllable servings and low-calorie foods, doesn’t mean you should stock up. Like most ultra-processed foods, many frozen foods in the diet plan are packed with alarming amounts of health-hazardous sugars-7 grams or more, plus processed additives that cause inflammation. And eat at home from scratch as much as possible. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University say that doing so can help you eliminate these added sugars and reduce your calorie consumption by an average of 200 calories a day.

Roasted Seasoned Chicken

After reaching the target weight, some moderate eating habits are bound to fall aside. Moreover, if one of them is to eat enough protein, this may be the reason why the weight is beginning to drop gradually. Although adequate nutrition can prevent muscle breakdown, insufficient intake can slow down your metabolism. Merely maintaining muscle mass can burn calories faster, so your body will burn off excess fat later. Without muscles, you will be more likely to suffer unnecessary weight gain.

Protein intake varies from person to person. However, for many people, 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight per day should be enough to help maintain weight loss. For a 130-pound person, this is equivalent to 46 to 58 grams of protein. Good sources of nutrients include low-fat dairy products, beans, roast chicken, fish, lean beef, pork, grains or nuts, and quinoa.

Roasted sweet potatoes

It may reduce the weight of water and melt off body weight at first, but completely reducing your carbohydrate intake will bring you some unpleasant side effects and make your daily work difficult. Your body will begin to show signs of fatigue, irritability and lethargy, all emotions related to overeating.

“Sugar is essential [in our daily lives] As our brain [central nervous system] Asked the trainer and RD’s Tim McComsey (Tim McComsey) said. Restricting carbohydrates completely will cause any newly added fat-burning muscles to metabolize energy instead of carbohydrates. As long as you maintain a reasonable carbohydrate content, the percentage of daily calories, and choose the right calories, these starches don’t have to be surprised.

Exercise at home

Although exercise is essential for maintaining your metabolism, if you have not done regular exercise recently, your body’s main calorie expenditure mechanism may have been idle and burn slowly. Personal trainer and author of “Nature” magazine Sean Wells (Sean M. Double Challenge: A Review of the Most Extreme Sports Plan.

He explained: “If you have been doing the same exercise for the past few months, your body will no longer be challenged, which means it will not burn as many calories as before.” If you usually exercise by bike Physically, try running or playing tennis to improve metabolism. Reluctant to leave your stationary bicycle? Look for an intense spinning class, or challenge yourself by changing the typical route. Work on some steep and long slopes to increase resistance.

Supplement pills, healthy life, enhance hair energy

Antidepressants, contraceptives, beta blockers, anti-epileptics and migraine drugs, steroids and treatment for rheumatoid arthritis all affect appetite, metabolism and weight. Never stop taking prescription drugs by yourself. If you think the medication is causing weight gain, please inform your doctor; he or she may adjust the medication or suggest other methods.

People who sleep well

Lack of sleep slows down metabolism and increases weight. In a study, researchers analyzed the daily sleep diaries of more than 500 participants and found that losing only 30 minutes of eye-closing time increased the risk of obesity by 17%! Even mild sleep deprivation can cause growth hormone-releasing peptide (starvation stimulating hormone) to over-operate and reduce the level of leptin (hormone that suppresses appetite). In turn, even if you are full, this will stimulate hunger, which can lead to overeating and weight gain.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends recording seven or eight hours of quality sleep every night. If you want to regain your slim figure, please try to go to bed 15 minutes earlier than usual. Look at the mood in the morning. Continue to adjust your bedtime until you wake up without the help of an alarm clock and feel refreshed and well-rested.

Pour cup of tea from teapot

This is a simple way to reduce the metabolic slowdown that often occurs after weight loss: drink green tea, a natural metabolic booster. In one study, participants increased their habit of drinking 4 to 5 cups of green tea a day during a 25-minute exercise, and lost an average of two pounds and more belly fat than those who did not drink tea. How does it work? Beer contains catechins, an antioxidant that triggers the release of fat from fat cells and helps accelerate the liver’s ability to convert fat into energy, which will help speed up metabolism. If you are looking for more, here is how you can use the power of tea to lose weight.

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