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Expectations of the tech industry in 2021

Leigh Drogen, CEO of Estimize, discussed with Yahoo Finance Live his technology outlook for 2021 and which companies will maintain the momentum they see in 2020.

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We talk about a lot of technology because it is so important to our lives, and also during this pandemic. But in the future, let us join us with Leigh Drogen, CEO of Estimize, to take a look at the technological prospects. Leigh is the focus of 2021-will the companies that enable us to reach the goals we have been celebrating this year, or will cheer next year, or will they follow a growth trajectory as we emerge from the pandemic?

Leg medicine: Well, we are looking for a few different groups there. The first category is the SaaS service company that we rely on this year. Some of them run in the background. But if you consider the growth of Shopify and Twilio and these companies that drive all the Internet products we use and get the physical products we bought this year, then we don̵

7;t see the growth of these companies recede.

When we look at the estimates on the Estimize platform, you will know whether there will be major changes in the growth or consumer spending of these companies in three or four quarters, which will have a significant impact on the companies that these companies provide services. You will see Estimated growth has stalled. However, what we are actually seeing is a significant increase in these estimates. In the past two months, we found that Shopify’s estimated revenue has increased by 15%. Therefore, we still believe that these companies will achieve great growth next year.

Now another interesting collection is social media companies. That’s where you might see a major shift in the revenue growth of these platforms, because everyone got out of the vaccine this summer. You may find that you spend less time on these platforms. The competition of these companies will be very difficult, because from last spring to last summer, we basically sat at home. Therefore, when we turn around, these stocks may encounter difficulties in handling earnings reports, which are not so good compared to last year.

In order to understand what you are talking about in more detail, as thousands of Americans hope to get vaccinated in the spring and summer, consumer behavior has basically returned to normal. What does it mean for stocks like Uber, Zoom and DoorDash?

Leg medicine: Yes, as consumer behavior normalizes, these companies may also encounter difficulties next year. As far as DoorDash is concerned, we have already seen stocks sold from IPOs. Again, because when everyone goes back to travel this summer, the performance will be very difficult, we all returned to the restaurant, so this is not the name I will invest a lot of money here.

Zoom is very interesting, you can get super long-term development in remote work. Now, I think what is happening here must be that some of these stocks have very high valuations, and traders and investors are also ahead of this summer, and people may take a step back from these platforms.

I think it may have another reason that it may have been somewhat weak here in the past few months, and moving forward is because 2021 will be the year we may see augmented reality begin to replace staring at 2D screens. It is really difficult to stare at the 2D screen all day during a call, after a call, and after a call.

Remote work will only accelerate here, because the company realizes that it does not hurt them. In fact, for many companies, they will benefit physically. We will get new products that may destroy things like Zoom.

What will happen to Twitter? Forgive me for going to the old school here, but we will make changes in administration. We will not invite the president, maybe, you know, we are doing our best. Some speculated that he might even be kicked off the platform. So, what is the future of social media and Facebook in the world?

Leg medicine: You know, it’s funny. The concept of regime change has attracted a lot of attention on Twitter. Year after year, it seems that it doesn’t matter in one direction or the other. Now, in a sense, Twitter must benefit from the popularity just like other social media companies. However, the purpose of investors really paying attention to Twitter is that they can develop auxiliary and auxiliary product lines that people are interested in the platform.

Those that really revolve around, the mood of the stock revolves around specific events. Do many people follow the Super Bowl? Are they commenting? Because these things happen every year, investors want to see them continue to build momentum around these conversations. And I think the end of the pandemic will not necessarily affect this.

Over time, Twitter can increase its attention to these events. Obviously, this is difficult. For them, this is impetuous. But in general, in the long run, it has risen. Therefore, I think the departure of the Trump administration is not a serious problem for Twitter.

Row. Leigh Drogen is the CEO of Estimize. We thank you for being here and wish you a happy new year, health and safety.

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