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“Everything fell apart”: Newsom scrambles to save California and its career

Halfway through his first term, the Democratic governor of the most populous state in the United States is trying to control the pandemic that has paralyzed the southern half of California since Thanksgiving. The pandemic provides a rare opportunity for Republicans to put him in a long-term predicament in this heavily democratic state. Newsom is working hard to keep the country and his own political future intact.

“People are really angry,” said Ted Costa, the anti-tax crusader, who was the original supporter of the Davis recall.He signed the Newsom recall document last week In the parking lot of Thousand Oaks Home Depot. “Things may get hot quickly, I don̵

7;t know if Newsom realizes what happens when the rain hits.”

For Nassomom, an ambitious Democrat, his world-famous problem remains unclear. The last Republican to win the governor election in California was Arnold Schwarzenegger, nearly 15 years ago. After Newsom won the governorship in 2018, his state rate increased by nearly 24 percentage points. His public approval rate reached 60% last year.

However, the epidemic has worsened in recent weeks. When Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump at the White House (Donald Trump), Californians’ perception of Newsom will change dramatically. No longer benefiting from reliable obstruction from Washington, is likely to raise the threshold for public recognition of Newsom and the governor of the National Democratic Party.

“In the last few years of Newsom’s tenure, people have been saying that the country is developing in the wrong direction, and compared with the country, the state is developing in the right direction.” Senior pollster and president Mark Baldassare (Mark Ba​​ldassare) said. California Institute of Public Policy. Now, in the absence of a Republican president to try Newsom, he said: “This undoubtedly changes this point of contrast.”

Newsom has embraced the surging virus and its economic impact through a series of proposals aimed at helping the most vulnerable Californians and returning school children to the classroom. Last month, he proposed to invest $2 billion to reopen elementary schools for the youngest students in the state, and provide additional protective equipment and tests. Earlier last week, Newsom proposed a $600 “quick cash” grant to low-income workers in the state. In order to benefit his political destiny greatly, the state’s budget, despite the terrible predictions, is so healthy that Newsom issued a budget proposal on Friday that requires record expenditures and at the same time contributes to the state’s The reserve account has increased by billions of dollars.

But good news is rare in California, and Newsom is not useless. After attending a dinner for a senior political adviser at the upscale restaurant The French Laundry, he came to urinate. This is the reason for the debt, not only because Newsom enjoyed his night, because he discourages Californians from getting together for vacation, but because the location is too luxurious. As the pandemic situation worsens, it might have stopped laughing at him a few weeks ago There are only more reasons for Californians to be frustrated.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a grim press conference on Thursday night: “The city of Los Angeles and our county is full of Covid-19, and there are more people infected than ever before. “

The Democrat Garcetti was under public pressure similar to that faced by Newsom, who blamed the federal government for the delay in vaccine distribution rather than the state government. But Newsom has faced criticism from others for distributing the Covid-19 vaccine too slowly. This is a matter left by the federal government to the state government.

Democratic strategist Garry South said: “I don’t think Californians can understand why we are sitting there with hundreds of thousands of doses and not managing them.” He is Newsom (Newsom) 2010 An advisor to the governor’s campaign in the year, he was a senior advisor to Davis. “California has been in hell for almost 10 months, and now these vaccines may light up at the end of the tunnel-but if they are not vaccinated, it will not be good for anyone.”

He said: “You have to get these vaccines in people’s arms.”

Like other Democrats, Newsom also criticized the Trump administration’s slow implementation of vaccines. Last week, together with the Democratic governors of seven other states, Newsom urged federal health officials to release more vaccines. In the new government in Washington, Newsom will help. State California Secretary Alex Padilla, who will be sworn in this month to fill the seat of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, said in an interview that he plans to make “Covid, Covid, Covid “His top priority-and start work immediately to get any help Newsom needs.

At the federal level, Padilla said: “We know that the vaccine has been approved, but in terms of production volume, we are far from reaching the required level.”

For Newsom’s political purposes, the sooner the better. For years, Republicans’ information on taxes, regulations, and social issues has been flat in governor politics here, which reflects the overwhelming majority of Democratic voters in California. However, the coronavirus has become a fortune for Newsom’s critics, opening the door to anti-Newsom resonances that may resonate beyond the foundation of the Republican Party.

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said: “In this pandemic, many people are injured and are now unemployed…. We have 500,000 Californians who cannot receive unemployment benefits.” The Exploration Committee. “How many parents feel frustrated when they see that most private schools have been opened, operated and operated, and we cannot safely reopen public schools? That is unacceptable.”

He and other Republicans have always viewed Newsom as a pandemic’s undirected move-despite restrictions, the increase in the number of cases also contributes to this statement. Jennifer Kerns said: “For a whole year, what we heard from Gavin Newsom is that once there is a vaccine, all problems will be resolved and the lockdown will end. We can return to normal life in California,” a conservative talk show host and former state Republican spokesperson. “But in fact, it’s not.”

Joe Rodota, a former Republican strategist, withdrew from the party due to Trump’s influence and served as deputy chief of staff to former Governor Pete Wilson. He said: “Everything broke.”

In this context, the call to recall Newsom is getting louder. Although the recall is usually directed at the governor and few are eligible to vote, supporters of the anti-Newsom effort said on Tuesday that they have exceeded 1 million signatures, roughly the number needed for elections later this year. Two thirds. Collect signatures through mail from Republicans and independent voters. This effort recently attracted $500,000 in donations from Orange County donors who opposed Newsom’s order to limit religious gatherings caused by the coronavirus.

Republican strategist Dave Gilliard has assisted in arranging Davis’ recall and advised Newsom’s recall efforts, making the odds of qualifying to vote approximately 80% to 85%.

He said: “It actually took off in the last few months.” This growth was attributed to what he called “the surge in French laundry.”

Newsom’s consultants are following the recall, conducting interviews and calling the recall’s supporters “pro-Trump extremists.” Dan Newman, Newsom’s chief political adviser, said: “The recall efforts were mainly driven by the hatred, misinformation and respect for democracy that caused domestic terrorists to sweep the Capitol.”

Newman said: “Republicans became Republicans Falcona and John Cox after they were defeated by Newsom in 2018,” Kevin Falcona and John Cox waited for Trump’s in California The aides and the president go hand in hand, blindly follow his example, refuse to accept and respect the president’s wishes. voter. “

But Newsom’s consultants are not advertising or holding press conferences. They are unwilling to disclose their thoughts in private, and they are unlikely to qualify if they do not inject large amounts of additional funds. Those who support the recall will need to collect about 1.5 million signatures by March; ensuring they have enough valid signatures means they may need to collect far more than that.

Moreover, if the recall plan is indeed eligible for voting, then recalling Newsom will actually be a difficult task. Republicans are less than a quarter of California voters. Moreover, before the recall election (which will take several months after the signature is submitted), the mood of voters (which may have been vaccinated by then) may improve significantly.

Davis said that for now, he hopes that newsletters will vigorously promote the vaccine, which he said should “make people feel that this pandemic will eventually end.” Overall, given the challenges posed by the pandemic, David S said that Newsom was “doing a great job.”

Davis said: “There is a reason, his public approval rate is still high in the mid-1950s.” “He is completely transparent. He explained why you want to do something. He tells you if it is done, if It’s not finished, why? And I think that the voters like him have a lovely quality.”

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