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Every day there are chances of storms caused by high temperature

Madison (WKOW)-The hot weather lasted a long time, and there may still be isolated bubble storms.

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A hot dome continued to build over the Midwest, causing temperatures to soar.

High temperature and humidity can cause the atmosphere to become unstable, and suddenly a stormy weather occurs within a day, which will destroy the atmosphere.

There will be a temporary radar snapshot later this afternoon

In most clear skies, as the temperature rises rapidly, the wet mist area will burn off at around 7 am.

The high temperature soared to about 90 degrees, and there might be showers and gusty winds in the afternoon and evening.

Mostly around the 1

960s, the temperature is high and sultry.

The majority of the time was low and hot in the 1990s. Isolated afternoons and evenings are again possible.

Most of the time was sunny and hot, with a few pop-up showers and storms, the temperature of which was at the low point of the 1990s, and the heat index value was the humidity of the mid-1990s.

Most of the time it was sunny and hot, minus afternoon and evening pop-up storms, and temperatures were low in the 1990s.

There may be a few sporadic sunny days. In the mid-1990s, the temperature remained high, and from the mid-1990s to the mid-1990s, it felt similar.

There may be sporadic sunny days, there may be sporadic storms, and they remain very warm in the mid-1980s.

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