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Dave Birkett (Dave Birkett) and Bob McManaman (Bob McManaman) shared their thoughts and predictions about “Detroit Lions vs. Arizona Cardinals”

;, which will be held on September 27, 2020. Photographed in Glendale, Arizona, on September 22.

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Bob Quinn’s best performance in five seasons Detroit Lions club general manager. At least, this is the consensus in April.

The Lions came to the fore from the draft. It can be said that they are the best players in both guard and guard positions. This may be their starter (or two) on the offensive line and helped them achieve Helpless pass and sprint.

Of course, there is a coronavirus pandemic to deal with, and no one knows how that will disrupt the entire offseason and the start of training camp. However, even internally, the Lions are excited about the talent they bring-they think the lift they can bring to the team is better than last year’s 3-12-1.

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“For me, a successful draft is that most of your picks are contributors, and obviously some of them have become active participants,” Quinn said in April. “The real thing is that you won. You won. Regardless of the situation, you can build a team capable of playing weekly and weekly games.”

It’s too early to make any meaningful assessments of this year’s rookie category. The team has participated in two games and practiced for about seven weeks, and two of its main members-best players Jeff Okudah and D’Andre Swift-were absent due to injuries.

However, five months after the Lions’ journey has received rave reviews, it is clear that at least the expectations for 2020 are a bit too optimistic.

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Currently only a few Lions rookies are meaningful contributors. In the small sample size of this season, no one has proven to be a dynamic participant, and at 0-2, Lions certainly did not flourish “whatever the situation is.” .

Lions coach Matt Patricia said on Wednesday: “I really don’t think the philosophy of rookies will change.” “I think it’s always the same. If you go back to everyone, it’s just a bit of understanding. My conversation, even if we’re talking about Kerry Johnson, then early in his rookie season, there will be a lot of conversation about predictions, what he will be like, and all of them. Dongdong. I think we always Keep all of this at a mid-level. We know that the jump from college to NFL is different, and we try to ensure that the expectations of these guys are just to go out and try to do their work at a high level, and grow as one as we grow Players.”

Okudah (Okudah) is the highest honor of this game, and his former college teammate, third-round player Jonah Jackson (Jonah Jackson) is by far the most influential Lions rookie.

Offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell stated that Jackson has started offensively at right-back and made every effort to “maintain his position in the first few weeks.”

“We saw that we had something in Jonah, and I think you have started to see it,” Beaver said. “He is a strong player, but he is also super athletic, so he does a good job on the court. He has good leaders and people who communicate with him. He is a senior player next to him, so I Think it will help him.”

Jackson first started training camp as a training camp, but he didn’t budge, but most of his rookies spent a lot of time buying time as a backup.

This is the position of the Lions rookies and the expectations for the rest of the season:

Jeff Okudah

Quinn did not hesitate to express his expectations for the third overall pick in the finals in April.

“I hope Jeff Okudah can participate and start the first day of the game,” Quinn said after the draft. “Of course I hope so. But listen, if we don’t have an offseason show, will he spend a few weeks? Maybe. You’ll never know. But I think he’s a very mature kid, very good at football. Smart. I mean, I’m very confident that even if we have a six-week virtual offseason plan, he will understand his defense very well early in our rookie season and become a very capable player. .”

Okudah suffered a minor hamstring injury in the camp, and was injured for the first time in the loss to Desmond Trufant last week. Green Bay Packer.He did not perform well in the Pro Bowl receiver Davante Adams game, and currently seems to be the most suitable substitute role, although he is likely to face again on Sunday Arizona Cardinals, if Trufant does not participate in the game.

No one should have high hopes for Okudah’s long-term potential, but he is still a long way from being a differentiated maker in 2020.

DeAndre Swift

When the Lions made Swift the third overall pick in the second round, Swift seemed destined to at least split the representatives in the backcourt, but things have changed in the past month. First, Swift was absent from training camp for about two weeks due to a hip injury, which prolonged his learning curve. Second, the Lions signed Adrian Peterson.

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Peterson, Swift and Kerryon Johnson now form a three-head guard, while Swift plays the role of a three-point guard. He dropped a touchdown pass in the opener, but it will still be an important part of the next pass game. However, in order for the Lions to get the proper value of the No. 35 pick, they need to give him more opportunities on the ground.

I expect Swift’s role to expand, but when and how to perform his ability may depend on the health of his backcourt partners and the competitiveness of Lions on the court.

Julian Okwara

Okwara played 7 defensive fast breaks in the opener and performed well last week. He was selected as a stealer, but failed to reverse the situation for the struggling team in the department.

Disappointingly, a high third-round pick appeared on the bench, and other defensive players were caught up by Okwara in the draft- new York Ashtyn Davis, jet safety officer, Miami Dolphin safety Brandon Jones (Brandon Jones), Baltimore The Ravens’ defensive tackle Justin Maubic and the Jacksonville Jaguars’ defensive tackle Daffin Hamilton-are in a similar situation.

It’s hard to imagine Okwara’s role will continue to grow in the next few weeks, unless some other Lions guard is injured.

Jonah Jackson and Logan Stenberg

I put the two together because I already mentioned Jackson and because they are in the same position in the internal line. Jackson was immediately inserted into the starting lineup of the right back (whether Bever said he did not get a starting job), and Steinberg worked in the training camp with the guard and the second and third offensive lines of the squadron.

The Lions injured their left back due to Joe Dahl’s injury, so it was great to see Stenberg intervene and start the game. Alas, this doesn’t seem to happen soon.

“He’s here,” Bevel said Tuesday. “He is in a different place from Jonah, with a slightly different style, but he has become better. We did the same thing with him, we transferred him to center, we transferred him to guard, in There are some jobs in certain positions. He is settled as a defender. I think the longer we leave him, the more he can work with his skills. I think he will become our good player.”


Cephus has 6 catches from 97 yards and has two more games than two-time Lions receivers (Marvin Jones) and Marvin Jones (Marvin Jones). Now that Kenny Golladay has recovered from a hamstring injury, his role is bound to shrink, and given his limited role in special teams, this situation may completely disappear. Nevertheless, he contributed a lot of fifth-round picks throughout the season, and if anyone fails, he will obviously rank second in the rotation.

Jason Huntley

The Lions probably won’t regret their decision to cut the second and fifth round picks. There are very few fifth-round players in long and influential careers. However, when a team eliminated the fifth round players from the training camp, it never seemed like a good thing, let alone when they decided to do so, another team backfired ( Philadelphia Eagles) asked him to give up.

John’s penis

So far, the Lions defense has been terrible this season. Penisnini should of course not be responsible for these struggles and should not expect the sixth-round pick to solve these problems. He played a limited role as a substitute in two games and is likely to continue in this role this fall.

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Jason Cornell

Due to a torn Achilles tendon, the seventh round of the draft season ended early.

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