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Eric Dane’s touching reunion in “The Return of Grey Anatomy” & Q&A – Q&A – Deadline

SPOILER ALERT: The story contains detailed information about the plot on April 1st Intern Grey.

After experiencing a series of tragic and intense events, including the death of DeLuca and Bailey’s mother, Intern Grey There is hope for an hour tonight. The biggest development happened at the end, when Ellen Pompeo left the ventilator and was able to breathe on her own. She was “helped” by two old friends who tragically passed away nine years ago. Her sisters Chyler Leigh and Mark Sloan (Eric Dann) Dane)) visited her on the beach and explained why she needs to fight for life.

Although Leigh’s return was shown in the promotion at the end of the first episode, when Dane̵

7;s Mark joined Meredith and Lexie on the beach, Dane’s appearance was surprising. When the three chatted, Mark stated that he had been talking with his daughter Sofia and his mothers Callie and Arizona. Mark and Lexie also showed deep feelings for each other. When Meredith asked if the two were still together, Mark said, “On your beach, we look like.”

“Gray Anatomy”: Another beloved character returns to the beach

Although Meredith has been talking about how much she loves on the beach, Lexie and Mark talk about their longing for survival and urge her to choose life. “Don’t waste a minute,” Mark said in the last conversation before Meredith was kicked out of a coma, which may end the long one conceived by show host Krista Vernoff The beach theme of the season, and Patrick Dempsey’s Derek Shepherd (Derek Shepherd) and TR Cavaliers’ George O’Malley (George O’Malley).

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Elsewhere in this episode, there has been a positive all-round development. Both of these two major medical cases ended in a happy ending. One of them was the situation where the doctor at the Graceron Memorial faced Sophie’s choice. There was only one ventilator left. A mother and her daughter were both Urgent need for intubation. Teddy got better, and Owen and Kolasik almost reconciled. Moreover, following Meredith’s successful return after taking off the machine, Winston proposed to Maggie at the end of the episode, and she said yes.

In the deadline interview, Dane talked about his Gray’s The return is coming.He took us to see the behind-the-scenes story of filming the beach scene with Pompeo (in person) and Lee (Vancouver Green Screen filmed through Vancouver) Super girl), shared his views on the relationship between Mark and Lexie, and the key role that the two gave Meredith to life when he left the ventilator.He also discussed Intern Grey And a remake of his current series HBO Euphoria.

deadline: When and how do you contact you Grey intern?

Eric Dan: I was shooting a movie in Shanghai, a Chinese work in the market, a historical work, Krista reached out to me and said, “Hey, I want to talk to you about something, and sometimes let me know a paragraph. Time.” I said, “Well, I’m in Shanghai, China. I’ll talk about it when I come back.” I don’t remember the timetable; I know I will be in Shanghai in August. She explained to me what happened in the story, and then she said: “We want to put Mark Sloan on the beach with Lexie Grey.”

deadline: What is your reaction to this? Do you like this idea?

Dany: Yes, I think this is a good idea. Taking into account the specific circumstances, I think this makes sense.

deadline: What do you mean?

Dany: I mean, if you want to bring Mark Sloan back, I want to be in a coma with Meredith. This is a good way for her to meet him. Therefore, this is not a difficult selling point, which makes sense.

Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane

Deadline: Please tell me about your scene shooting. You must spend time with staff Ellen. How does it restore personality, revisit your past and reunite with old friends?

Dany: It’s like I never left. Spent a beautiful day on the beach. It was nice to see some familiar faces and the same crew, and we did not beat. I love those people. I have spent a large part of my time with these people, and I will do anything for them.

deadline: what are you with Ellen talks about what is needed in the middle?

Dany: Mask, Covid. I haven’t seen Chyler in a while, but I keep in touch with Ellen, how are the kids? The children are fine. Chat briefly. Because of the protocol and how we set it up, not much time is spent in the middle. Therefore, once we set off, it is almost like an out of control train.

deadline: And is it easy to restore the role?

Dany: Yes it is. I mean, look, I created Mark Sloan. It is not difficult for me to restore my character.

deadline: What do you think of Mark and Lexie playing such an important role in giving Meredith the will to survive and the reason to fight, because she started breathing on her own shortly thereafter?

Dany: Well, Mark Sloan and Lexie Gray are embedded in the show’s DNA, and literally, Lexie and Meredith shared The same DNA. So, I thought there was a connection there and reminded her that I left but did not forget that if you need us, we are always nearby, and it is too early for you to stay on the beach.

Deadline: I’m sure I feel a little relieved when the fans who reassure you say that Mark is okay.

Dany: of course. Absolutely. You will see that everyone is nice and happy; it makes you want to come back and find something.

deadline:That Mark is also monitoring his daughter.

Dany: Yes it is. Whether she is listening to me or not, someone will always look at you. I lost my father very early, and I think he took care of me to some extent.

deadline: When Meredith asked if Mark and Rexie were together, you said “on the beach, we are together”. What do you think? Does this mean that they are happily together in our imagination?

Dany: I didn’t go deep into this.I’m a bit like, not in your imagination but in the subconscious way of seeing it, no matter where you are now, what state you are in, in this coma, the dream of fever, no matter what, I think it’s [Meredith’s] Perfect projection. Mark and Lexie will always be together, and I’m sure Mark and Lexie won’t be confused by this.

deadline: What is your opinion of Mark and Lexie, and how do you see their stories in the afterlife?

Dany: Mark will find Lexie. He will find her eventually.


deadline: Since you left Intern Grey, You made a successful series, The last ship For five consecutive seasons, now you are the second successful series, Euphoria. in the meantime, Intern Grey Still. How to explain the longevity that lasted 17 seasons?

Dany: Well, I think there are many factors, but in essence, this is just a wonderful performance. People are connected with the characters in that show. It seems to have found a new generation of audiences. The program usually grows with the growth of a generation and the audience. Eventually, the audience will exceed the scope of the program or turn to other things.But with Gray’s, There is always alchemy in the cast, a dynamic chemical reaction that keeps people emerging. The writing is very good.Shenda Krista [Rhimes], Betty [Beers] The show is now produced by Debbie Allen executives. They are very good at understanding the tone of the show and finding roles that people will invest in. This is the 17th season.

Deadline: Do you miss anything grey?

Dany: Well, I have been in contact with many actors. Someone will give you an answer, if not, I will miss them, but I am still everyone’s friend. Therefore, there is nothing to miss.

deadline: Do you want to return to production Euphoria quickly?

Dany: Mid-April. In fact, we have already started from the second season. I think I haven’t started shooting for a few weeks, but we have already started. I believe we will solve this problem as soon as possible. We set a very high standard. I was proud of that performance, and everyone involved was proud of that performance.

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