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Encyclopedia of all siblings

While waiting to learn about the content of the document, there have been some discussions about the translation of the title and how to include it. However, a popular article is a universal text in itself, and Pope Francis really wants to speak to everyone’s heart. The Press Office of the Holy See announced that the text will be published on October 4.

Andrea Tornielli

All brothers It is the title chosen by Pope Francis for his new encyclopedia-as we read in the subtitle, dedicated to “fraternity” and “social friendship”

;. The original title in Italian will be used instead of translating all the languages ​​used in the document. The first word of the new “round letter” (which means “circularity”) comes from the great Assisi saint, whose name was chosen by Pope Francis.

We are waiting to know the content of this encyclopedia. Peter’s successor will use it for all mankind. He will sign it in front of the Holy Sepulchre on October 3. There has been some good discussion about the title and its meaning. Since this is a direct quote from St Francis (excerpt from Admonish, 6, 1: FF 155), obviously the Pope has not changed. However, the establishment of titles is never intended to exclude women, which account for more than half of humanity.

Instead, Francis chose the words of the saint of Assisi to reflect on what he cared very much about: fraternity and social friendship. Therefore, he speaks to all brothers and sisters, all men and women who live on earth: all people, including all people, are by no means unique.

The times we live in are full of wars, poverty, immigration, climate change, economic crises and pandemics. Recognizing the brothers and sisters in everyone we meet, and for Christians, recognizing the faces of other suffering Jesus-these responses reaffirm the dignity of everyone who is made in the image of God. They also remind us that no one can escape from the current predicament, one person confronts another, the global North confronts the global South, rich people confront poor countries, or any other dilemma that does not include division.

On March 27, at the height of the epidemic, the Bishop of Rome prayed for the salvation of everyone in the empty St. Peter’s Square. In the downpour, there was only the sad and loving gaze of the Crucifix of St. Marcellus. Watching Mary’s Save the Roman people The protector of the Roman people, the healthy or the saved.

“During this storm,” Pope Francis said: “We have been worried that the self-righteous stereotypes of our image have disappeared, once again revealing the (blessed) common property, and we cannot be taken away: Our property as brothers and sisters.” The central theme of the forthcoming Pope’s letter is “bless our common property”, which indeed makes us brothers and sisters.

The subject mentioned in the subtitle is fraternity and social friendship, pointing out the unity between men and women: even among blood relatives, the necessary feelings are established between people.​​​ This relationship must be expressed through benevolent deeds, forms of assistance, just work and generous actions when needed, this kind of selfless care for others, regardless of differences or connections. Therefore, all readers should be able to understand the title All brothers Has the expected absolute inclusive meaning.

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