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Opinion: It is time to ask people to wear masks inside the Space Coast company to help stop the spread of COVID-1


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According to reports, several employees have new cases of coronavirus A company spokesperson for the company said Brevard County was located at Bublix in the past week.

Since June 22, at Satellite Beach, Sun Tree, Cocoa and four other stores in Melbourne, employees have tested positive for the new coronavirus. This brings the total to 9 different locations, and there are reported cases of employees.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the complete list of Publix locations in Brevard County and the reported cases include the following locations:

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, several Publix locations near Brevard County have reported that employees tested positive for the new coronavirus. (Photo: RICK NEALE/Today’s Florida)

  • Titusville (Chetus Highway) 2000
  • 3275 Garden Street, Titusville
  • 3820 Rockmore Road
  • Suite 117 Palm Bay Road 145 West Melbourne
  • 3830 S. State Road A1A, Melbourne Beach
  • 7777 Wickham Road, Melbourne
  • 230, National Highway 524, Suite 150, Cocoa
  • 4100 Wickham Road, Suite 109, Melbourne
  • 1024 S.R. Satellite Beach A1A Suite 120

Publix officials did not confirm the time frame of the positive test, nor did they confirm that employees have recovered and tested the negative results of the virus that caused COVID-19 since then.

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Publix employees must wear face masks, and the store has taken other precautions, including the use of plexiglass barriers on cash registers, the implementation of one-way aisles and stricter cleaning measures.

Employees who are positive can enjoy 14 days of paid leave and need to be quarantined until the coronavirus is negative. For employees who are in close contact with employees who test positive, Publix also requires isolation and paid leave for up to 14 days.

“Like other important service providers, we have seen that our own colleagues and their families have been personally affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, as public health officials have pointed out, as the virus Spread, we hope this situation will increase.” The spokesperson said via email.

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