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Emoji story: learning about Unicode should never be so interesting

Trailer Emoji story.

It’s a pity 2017 Emoji movie Exist, although money can be obtained in various ways, Patrick Stewart (playing the role of “poop”) and Maya Rudolph (“smiling man”).It̵

7;s just…animated cash grabs have imprinted the perfect title for the super-emoji monograph, second only to two years later: Featured Documentary at Tribeca Film Festival 2019 Picture People.

You may (may) Think this movie today is Emoji story, Because it was acquired by the production company Utopia in December 2020, then renamed, and finally available on most VOD platforms. However, this comprehensive understanding of 1,182 unique emojis (and counts) in the world quietly appeared on our radar before Southwest 2019. Emoji activist and dumpling emoji (🥟) creator Jennifer 8. (She worked with Tinder’s partners to help the shepherd achieve reality) and mentioned that she has already worked out an upcoming project. Lee’s group essentially eliminates the mystery of the invisible emoji creation and approval process in the small meeting room of the Austin Convention Center, and her film will set out to do the same for a wider audience.

Lee said at the SXSW group meeting: “It’s a bit like a maze, and it takes a long time-usually between 18 and 24 months, until you have an idea, and then it will hit your iPhone.” She will know. In addition to successfully launching dumpling activities, Lee is also one of the leaders of EmojiNation. EmojiNation is a group that started to diversify emoji after firsthand understanding the limitations of the selection process. After all, the emojis that are now widely used on our smart devices and social media feeds have been obtained by large companies (Netflix, Google, Oracle, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Adobe, Microsoft, Shopify) and some unexpected guests (German software company SAP, Chinese telecommunications company Huawei and the Oman government). Each organization pays thousands of privileges every year to get someone to vote for or against everything from “partner” (a traditional drink in Argentina) to “horn fish.” Lee eventually joined the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee (no voting rights open to anyone with a $75/year Unicode membership) to better understand the emoji review process and review submissions.

“And see [the Unicode committee who approves everything]Lee recalled at SXSW 2019, “This is really bad. But they were very happy to meet me because no one was attending this meeting. It felt like appearing in a new church with many older, friendly white people. “

This means that you cannot ask a more qualified team to piece together an authoritative emoji movie.with Emoji story Observe his pedigree, and then perform some more.

This is the story of a doctor and a loser

Watching enough documentaries, as time goes by, you can’t help but notice that there is a basic formula: covering the main content of the theme’s history. Highlight its main annual events. Look for some of today’s participants (ideally, persuasive participants) to follow them through the course of a journey, whether it is a professional process, a competition or the changes needed to modernize in this rapidly evolving field. This is a framework that can be applied to anything, from people who often deal with malnutrition to taxidermists.

The world of emoji includes all these components, but Emoji story These familiar documentary puzzle pieces will not be put into the warehouse as strictly as many other smaller films. Instead, the film seamlessly weaves all these interrelated but very different information together, which brings some good filmmaking styles. At some point, linguists may explain the evolution of the emoji chain as a way to convey more specific ideas. But instead of staying with scholars, not based on other esoteric content in the emoji field, Emoji story Then there is the film production card to convey to you the next theme In the emoji chain. Tiny moments and clips like this show that the team behind this movie is not just thinking about this topic. They are also considering how to attract audiences through movies.

One of the strengths of this film is that it chose “today’s participants to complete a journey”. The production time of this film is about 2017 to 2018. Unicode receives hundreds of proposals every year, but can only approve a maximum of 60 new proposals. Maximum. Emoji story Three such promising stories are compiled: a teenager who hopes to see him in group chats through the hijab emoji; two Argentine women who are obsessed with their partners and hope to (digitally) bring their partners to the world ; And a British public health organization whose task is to create emojis of the period.

From the beginning, this choice showed the various possible concepts and creators of Unicode submissions each year. anyone As long as the idea only meets some basic criteria, a proposal can be made, such as obvious visibility or multiple uses, but not a specific public figure or brand, and avoid duplication with existing emojis. But as these people use different levels of resources and prepare to go to Palo Alto for the final face-to-face sales, given that digital games are fighting against them, you can’t help feeling that you are all weak. In this way, Emoji story Solicit the same motivational and emotional investment you get from a high-performance sports movie (whether it’s Major Alliance or Queen’s Gambit); It just teaches you something at the same time.

And to be clear, the whole topic is much more interesting than many people think. Emoji story Tracing back to the non-traditional pedigree of this modern language, discussing its unique strengths and limitations, and discussing what the future of emoji acceptance will be and what it should be (every post-Unicode era will come).I personally browsed over a dozen emoji proposals and considered for a long time whether I could come up with a concept worthy of submission after watching Lee’s speech in 2019, and Emoji story Just restored this rainy dream. This film may have the same effect on many audiences, so I am very happy that this film can subconsciously (🧠) sow (🪴) seeds (🌱) (seeds) while at the same time entertaining and entertaining.

Emoji story It can be rented or purchased on most VOD platforms (including Apple TV, Amazon Prime and Vudu).

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