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Email shows how Pompeos conflated personal and business

WASHINGTON-Less than three months after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was sworn in, his son Nick expressed his gratitude to State Department officials for their private visit. They visited him and his mother Susan Pompeo in the institution’s museum.

Nick Pompeo wrote: “I also want to strengthen my willingness to help you with your tasks in any way possible.” “We think this is a family effort, so if you think I can The place adds value, please don’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.”

He also has a question: can he or the software company for which he was a sales executive participate in the “data hackathon”

; planned by the State Department? In an email, he asked for details about the date, time, volunteer opportunities and “how can I or anyone in the company help”.

The State Department stated that Pompeo’s company did not participate in the hackathon, an educational event aimed at computer programming skills. However, the request was included in hundreds of pages of e-mails obtained by NBC News, illustrating how Pompeo repeatedly blurs the line between official government affairs and family or personal affairs.

The inspector generals of Congress and the State Department are investigating the possible misuse of government resources by Mike Pompeo and his wife.

E-mails show that Susan Pompeo often sends instructions from her personal email address to State Department officials about travel plans and restaurant reservations to the elite Madison dinner reported by NBC News in May.

Many involve daily affairs, such as logistics and arranging formal activities, which will involve coordination with the secretary’s spouse in any government department. However, other requests, such as seeking assistance to plan a one-day visit to an elite group of young managers from Kansas, do not seem to be directly related to advancing the State Department’s core mission.

These include repair requirements for houses rented by Pompey’s military bases in the Washington area, and Susan Pompeo appears to be routing through the Department of State’s Department of Foreign Security. The email showed that agents of the service’s Secretary of State Protection Division updated Susan Pompeo with information about the 2018 HVAC system and 2019 porch and staircase repairs.

“The clothes dryer is not hung up…. I think you told me someone is going to solve this problem?” Susan Pompeo’s name was deleted via a text message to a State Department official in September 2018. “Madam – above, I was told that it was fixed. Please give me an answer.” Later.

To be sure, for legitimate reasons, diplomatic security officials (whose duties include protecting the secretary) may keep in touch with workers who need to enter his home. But Pompeo’s unusual housing arrangements-military housing he usually rents to flag officers-an undisclosed amount-raised questions before that.

A spokesperson for the State Department said on condition of anonymity: “The diplomatic security department has established all agreements and norms for protected persons based on the threat level.” Ministry contact.”

These emails have all been sent to or from State Department officials, and these emails have been forwarded to NBC News in response to a lawsuit filed under the Freedom of Information Act, which is still pending. NBC News requested that emails involving Susan Pompeo’s Gmail address be sent in November last year.

These emails have been extensively edited and cited FOIA’s personal privacy exemptions. In the email issued in September 2019, the subject line was “5 Day Guest Schedule”, and the only word not deleted in the entire email was the signature “Best”.

NBC News received a heavily revised email from Susan Pompeo under the Freedom of Information Act.Obtained by NBC News

Stephen Gillers, a professor of law and ethics at New York University School of Law, said that Susan Pompeo’s use of private email to fulfill the social aspects of her role as the secretary’s spouse was “unwise “, but it does not seem to constitute a moral code of infringement.

Gilles said: “There must be an’optical’ problem here. It seems that Pompeo is using the office to please himself with others (maybe future supporters in the 2024 White House campaign).” He still said: “I can’t see it. They use the office for financial gain.”

Pompeo defended his wife’s high profile role in the State Department, calling her a “power multiplier,” despite official concerns from US diplomats about her use of government resources and her frequent business trips. This week, Susan Pompeo visited India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Maldives with the secretary.

As a member of the Kansas State Congress, Pompeo became one of the most powerful critics of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton) for using personal emails for government business. She told CNN in 2015: “She has not benefited from the State Department. Security system.”

Before the general election next week, Pompeo had used his position as secretary to promise to release more emails from Clinton six years ago at the request of President Donald Trump.

However, once, in October 2018, Pompeo’s office sent him an advance schedule that included non-public information, such as breakfast with CIA director Gina Haspel and the then U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Nikki Haley’s secure phone, travel time to and from the office-Susan Pompeo’s Gmail address has been copied into the email, the email has been partially deleted, and contains a symbol indicating that it contains private personally identifiable information.

When the public version of Pompeo’s schedule for the day was released later, the only item was an afternoon meeting with the visiting Cypriot foreign minister.

In response to a query about the e-mail, a spokesperson for the department said: “The State Department employee who sent this e-mail acted appropriately and we have no security concerns about this approach.”

During his years as Trump’s top diplomat, Pompeo carefully cultivated political ties with his homeland of Kansas through frequent visits and interviews with local radio stations. There were so many that they caused strong speculation. Will run for the Senate this year. And led the Kansas City Stars editorial board to urge him to “quit his very important daily work and do it.”

As speculation about a possible Senate campaign has surged in 2019, emails seem to show that State Department officials, under the guidance of Susan Pompeo, arranged for members of the Kansas chapter of the young president’s organization and their families to visit Washington. Multi-day visit.

The Young Presidents Organization (YPO) is an elite global social club for wealthy CEOs under 45. Pompeo and his wife are both former members. Pompeo confirmed in the Senate questionnaire submitted in December 2016 as the director of the CIA. Pompeo said that he has served as the organization’s education chairman for more than 15 years.

Emails about YPO visits were sent in March, April and June 2019. The subject line of one of the emails was “several projects.” Susan Pompeo listed the staff’s task list, including a document labeled “YPO Kansas Family College.”

“Can you please send me an update for this item as soon as possible?” she asked.

The next day, the staff member, who did not want to be named, replied with an “overview/update” about YPO’s visit. Itinerary: The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum on Wednesday, dinner and the International Spy Museum tour on Thursday, and breakfast at the US State Department on Friday 70.

The government employee replied: “The Library of Congress has confirmed the group. The details of the itinerary/divided into small groups are still being studied.”

The email indicated that Friday breakfast was held in the neoclassical Thomas Jefferson State reception room and would include senior State Department officials or human resources representatives to talk about “internships and careers.” Guests will be provided with a “Swagger button”, which means that Pompeo will rename the agent to the “Swagger Department”. Pompeo then tweeted about the event.

A spokesperson for the State Council said that the department did not pay for breakfast and questioned that employees planned the entire trip for YPO Group.

Pompeo’s act as secretary has been under increasing scrutiny since May when he was the person fired by the State Department’s independent inspector Steve Linick. It was later discovered that Linick was conducting several investigations into Pompeo and his office. After Linick was dismissed by a series of acting chief inspectors, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) continued.

Elliott Engel (DN.Y.), chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said Pompeo was confused about whether he had used the State Department “as a personal travel agency or as a political exploration committee.”

Engel said: “My office recently confirmed that Mr. Pompeo refused to accept OIG’s investigation to investigate the abuse of resources by himself and his wife.” “I believe he is trying to run out of time and avoid investigators until he Leave the office.” The State Council and the Office of the Inspector General did not immediately comment on this request.

Secretary Counsel Toni Porter also serves him in the CIA and Congress. He told the House of Representatives in August that she was Susan Pompeo’s main contact point in the US State Department. She revealed that her tasks included booking dinner and helping Pompey’s private Christmas cards, but she said she only accepted Susan Pompey’s “guidance” instead of “tasks.”

Porter testified: “My assigned job comes from the secretary.” “Sometimes Mrs. Pompeo relayed letters to me.”

An October 2019 email obtained by NBC News showed that Susan Pompeo and State Department officials planned to visit Athens, Greece. Susan Pompeo and her husband participated in official diplomatic visits to Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia and the Holy See.

The wife of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis (Kyriakos Mitsotakis) read an e-mail to Susan Pompeo before the trip: “Decision point: Do you want a jewelry museum or Mareva? Art museum?”

The email also revealed that Pompeo Pictures has coordinated potential optical issues with any perceptions about using the office to provide special assistance for political connections, including the Madison dinner, where Pompeo Pictures hosted Republican lawmakers, CEOs and top leaders. Justice of the court. Luxury night paid by taxpayers.

In March 2019, Susan Pompeo wrote to an unnamed official in the secretary’s office that she had had a long conversation with Mike about the State Department’s tour, including Guests touring at the Madison dinner party, and even the ongoing “VIP tour”. Although public travel was suspended.

Susan Pompeo wrote: “Start immediately, they should be called’private tours’.” The preferred wording is highlighted in bold. “All citizens are VIPs/important people.”

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