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Elon provides a simple solution for Tesla spy cameras in China

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Elon Musk provided a simple solution for Tesla Motors, which is equipped with a spy-enabled camera: do not Open them! It’s that simple.All this and more morning shift It is April 7, 2021.

Level 1: I hope the U.S. will provide car technology to everyone free of charge in an interesting way

Jalopnik’s friend John Voelcker pointed out On Twitter, he pointed out that compared with China, the United States is basically omnipotent in the new era of automobile technology. Tesla’s car camera.

In the United States, these cameras do have problems, but in our case, it is Consumer Reports that disagrees. As Reuters reported, the news from China is that the soldiers themselves are very angry.

The American automaker said on its Chinese social media page on Wednesday that the cameras in Tesla cars have not been activated outside of North America in order to alleviate security risks in the world’s largest auto market.

Sources told Reuters that Tesla is facing censorship in China. In March, the Chinese military banned Tesla vehicles from entering its complex on the grounds of safety concerns about in-car cameras.


Tesla founder Elon Musk held a virtual forum at a virtual forum in Beijing in March, and reports of the ban soon surfaced. Tesla founder Elon Musk emphasized the company’s business motivation to protect user privacy.

Musk said: “We strongly recommend that we keep any information confidential.”

“If Tesla uses a car to engage in espionage in China or anywhere, we will be shut down.”

Elon made more comments, which is in line with Amazon’s recent comments on “You really don’t believe what’s in the urinal, do you?“Bloomberg reported:

Musk said in a speech at a conference that if Tesla ever used cars in China or anywhere for espionage, the company would “close everywhere.”

He said at the China Development Forum last month: “If a commercial company does engage in espionage, the negative impact on the company will be extremely serious. ”The China Development Forum is a gathering organized by a department of the State Council of China.

U.S. Denied Cool self-immersion laser headlight, But do we have no problem with this?

Second gear: Rebuilding the EPA sounds like time

news This is the new EPA leader who wants to set stricter exhaust pipe emission standards, and these standards have been revoked with Trump’s support. I am interested in discussions about rebuilding houses. Management at the time Trump busted, As Bloomberg report:

[[[[EPA Administrator Michael Regan] The first task is to rebuild the agency, which cut 700 scientists during Trump’s tenure. He also needs to rebuild morale among the remaining EPA employees, including many who say they have been devalued with Trump’s support, but they still don’t trust the managers who have walked with the old regime.

Reagan said: “The secret seasoning here is back to the original mission of the agency, which is to protect humans and natural resources and create a hospitable environment centered on scientific integrity, ethics and values.” “We believe we will attract Some talents who left the institution during the last term in power, but we also believe that we will be truly attractive to new scientists, new engineers, and new legal minds.”

Regan tried to improve the scientific integrity of the agency, and public health and environmental advocates say the agency has declined in the past four years. Regan made one of his first major moves last week, ordering the removal of dozens of members of the two scientific advisory committees that guide the work of the EPA-a move aimed at reducing industry influence and creating a void for rebuilding panels .

If any of you have read this article, he is one of the 700 scientists who were driven out of the market by Trump, please email us to jalopnik dot com.

Third gear: General Motors attaches great importance to subsidiary risk investment that may or may not Including flying cars

Nothing can tell you that a car company is more serious about something than a statement made about a technology that has never passed Jetsons.That’s why i vote According to reports, General Motors has newly promoted its suspicious eyes on its sideline business. Reuters:

The global innovation team of this experienced General Motors engineer is looking for new businesses to expand the revenue sources of automakers far beyond the scope of auto sales, and is cultivating joint ventures ranging from commercial delivery services to auto insurance. To cope with the future market valued at approximately US$1.3 trillion. Fletcher told Reuters that this does not include flying cars, which alone could be worth $1.3 trillion.

In a recent video chat, Fletcher counted silently, and then answered the adventures her team was carrying out. She said: “I’m less than 20 years old. ”

Reuters did list some of these unique businesses In another article, Which includes extending OnStar through the app and offering SuperCruise as a subscription service.

Fourth gear: the United States pays attention to Europe to get a cool hybrid jeep

Europe has strict regulations that force auto companies to build electric and hybrid vehicles, which are much stricter than our regulations in the United States. Perhaps not surprisingly, Europe got the hybrid jeep before us.We have passed traitor, Now is the revised compass, because Freep report:

The Jeep Compass compact SUV update was released in Europe on Tuesday, and it will increase the technical load, including 4xe plug-in hybrids and a new Android-based entertainment and connectivity system.

The upgraded Compass is expected to debut in Europe later this year and will be sold in the United States in the first half of 2022.

The compass will also get a wider grille and narrower LED headlights to create a look consistent with the larger jeeps that will be released soon, such as the Grand Wagoneer and Grand Cherokee L.

The report is based on the European model. Not all of its functions can be extended to American models. The compass is a bit upscale in Europe. This is a core part of the Jeep brand characteristics. Compared with the United States, compact cars are often sold at higher prices and provide more luxurious features and materials.

Unfortunately to see the United States as a second-tier market for effective jeep!

Fifth gear: Nissan’s sales in China increased by 70% year-on-year This time last year

I’m not sure if this is whether Nissan has captured the Chinese market correctly, or just a sign of how frustrating the situation was when the pandemic started.Either way, this is a big improvement because Reuters report:

Nissan Motor Company said in a statement on Wednesday that Nissan Motor Company’s passenger car and light vehicle business in China will grow 70.6% year-on-year in the first three months of 2021.

Reverse: Wowps!

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