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Elon Musk says Bitcoin price “looks high” after a record week

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Buy 7 blockchain stocks to surpass cryptocurrencies

Although cryptocurrencies have completely changed the investment market, they also carry incredible risks. I know. Recently, I explained that I had to withdraw from the Bitcoin (CCC: BTC-USD) field because it was too much. However, for those who are considering the use of virtual currencies, it may be better to use blockchain stocks. First of all, I just don̵

7;t know where the cryptocurrency as a speculative tool will end. This is one of the reasons why I exited before the goal of 50,000 USD. Don’t get me wrong-I still believe in the continued growth of Bitcoin, so I remain humble. But I must also get some benefits from it. Otherwise, it will be futile. Secondly, blockchain stocks represent investments in the underlying technology of Bitcoin and other virtual tokens. Although I am not sure about the future of 100% cryptocurrency, I am more confident that decentralized distributed public ledger systems will continue to exist. Not only that, but blockchain will also trigger more innovations in the field of financial technology. InvestorPlace-Stock market news, stock advisory and trading tips. This is my third point: Emphasize that the innovation of blockchain stocks represents true financial connectivity and integration. For example, bank wire transfers are slow and expensive. Moreover, they become problematic when dealing with countries that may not have the most sound economic infrastructure. We need cheap and effective things, and only the blockchain forwards reasonable suggestions. In addition, reducing or completely eliminating friction in peer-to-peer transactions will help our own economic management of the damage caused by the new coronavirus. As the possibility of economic recession expands, the number of people forced to withdraw from the financial system may greatly increase. Therefore, only technology can solve this problem, which is conducive to the purchase of these blockchain stocks. 7 Overvalued stock investors don’t get bored. As you can see from the list below, there are many types of companies available, from blue chip giants to speculative companies. Therefore, regardless of your risk tolerance, blockchain stocks can provide benefits for everyone. Let’s take a look: Visa (NYSE: V) IBM (NYSE: IBM) CME Group (NASDAQ: CME) Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) Advanced Micro Devices (NASDAQ: AMD) SolarWorld (OTCMKTS: SRWRF) Bitfarms (OTCMKTS: BFARF) Visa (V) Source: Kikinunchi/Shutterstock.com Initially, many companies and government agencies regarded Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as competition in the global financial system. Nothing is far from the truth. In fact, by leveraging blockchain innovation, blue chip companies like Visa can provide services that meet the growing needs of their customers. As far as the credit card company is concerned, the management has developed the Visa B2B Connect platform, which processes corporate cross-border business-to-business payments in a safe, reliable and predictable manner. For Visa, this is huge, because virtual currency as a concept will not disappear anytime soon. In addition, Visa stock can benefit from the advantages of blockchain technology. Fundamentally, this platform is more effective than other alternatives because the component of trust between the two parties is not handled by human (and therefore destructible) entities, but by immutable digital records. If you are not interested in the crazy volatility of cryptocurrency itself, stable blockchain stocks like Visa will provide you with opportunities for related innovations, which will not disappoint you. IBM (IBM) Source: Laborant/Shutterstock.com When you hear the term “blockchain stock”, you can’t help but think of the dramatic volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Something like IBM stock will most likely not be immediately suitable for this situation. However, for some investors, settlements like the “Blue Giant” may be worth considering, and therefore worthy of using this emerging technology safely. As you may know, the company established the IBM blockchain platform to help companies and institutions deal with various challenges beyond financial purposes. The launch of the Covid-19 vaccine is a good example. Due to the immutability of the blockchain, IBM is able to provide real-time end-to-end traceability for vaccine distribution. Although I hope we never have to hear about Covid in the future, if we do encounter another health crisis, then Giant Blue will be ready. This bodes well for IBM stock. The 7 blue-chip stocks that are not gambling. Like other blue-chip blockchain stocks, IBM has several other income channels to prevent the decentralized ledger from failing to cash. Especially in the current situation, its artificial intelligence (AI) and network security solutions are eye-catching. CME Group Source: Marko Aliaksandr / ShutterStock.com Although it is not one of the direct blockchain stocks, CME Group has brought huge credibility improvements to the entire digital currency system. You will see that as the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, CME Group provides investors with the ability to conduct almost any transaction. With cryptocurrency as part of its products, the industry has now become a legal industry. In addition, buying CME Group stock allows you to trade Bitcoin without having to participate in the stage. In a sense, owning an equity in CME Group is equivalent to selling tickets for large games, rather than betting on one team to beat another. No, you may not get rich from CME, but you may not be poor. In addition, the ability to buy bitcoin futures and trade option contracts provides the underlying asset with constant price changes that allow for day trading. Overall, CME Group’s involvement in this field is positive for the digital economy, and it should be a good deal for CME Group stocks. Nvidia (NVDA) Source: rafapress/Shutterstock.com Technically speaking, it is more of a crypto mining activity. Nevertheless, I included Nvidia on this blockchain stock list because mining is The reason why most distributed public ledgers generate revenue. Again, the advantage of this platform is that two participants who do not necessarily trust each other do not have to rely on third-party intermediaries that do not trust each other. Instead, the intermediary is the blockchain system itself. However, public blockchains require the participation of nodes (computers) to verify transactions that occur within the system. This is the scenario of mining, where blockchain users compete for the right to verify such transactions and obtain digital tokens as rewards. However, to win this game consistently, a lot of hardware is usually required. It can be said that Nvidia provides the best processors for mining tasks, which greatly benefits NVDA inventory. 7 stocks that Elon Musk loves-and you should go further, you don’t have to be a big fan of blockchain stocks to appreciate Nvidia. The semiconductor company is involved in a variety of related businesses, including video games, machine learning and autonomous solutions. Therefore, NVDA stock really can’t go wrong. Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Source: Sundry Photography / Shutterstock.com If I want to mention Nvidia in this list of blockchain stocks, then I am obliged to also include Advanced Micro Devices. Admittedly, this is part of self-protection. Otherwise, I will be warmly welcomed by AMD stock fans, and I have received hundreds of emails. I no longer need to flood my inbox. Seriously, despite this, Super Micro is not only worthy of being included as a blockchain/crypto mining game. In recent years, the company has been pushing it to a bigger competitor. Many years ago, AMD was an afterthought in the broader field of chip manufacturing. Now it has become a legitimate leader in multiple semiconductor fields, including graphics processing units (GPUs) that meet the needs of mining operations. Also, you may be wondering that AMD stock may be a leading indicator of Bitcoin and major altcoins. It seems that cryptocurrencies showed a strong trend before AMD stock rose sharply. If this is true, I don’t see why these two assets are not mutually beneficial-higher-interest cryptocurrency mining is generally beneficial to both Bitcoin and AMD’s GPU revenue. SolarWorld (SRWRF) Source: Diyana Dimitrova/Shutterstock.com No, SolarWorld is not directly related to blockchain stocks. No, I did not lose my mind. please wait for a moment. Although to skeptics, cryptocurrency sounds like digital fairy dust, the truth is that the process of mining these tokens requires real “work.” In other words, the energy required to extract most virtual currencies requires a certain degree of sacrifice. Of course, sacrifice does not necessarily bring value to them. However, it is wrong to assume that the cryptocurrency gains nothing. However, as cryptocurrencies become more popular, the energy requirements required to withdraw many of these coins have become more intensive. This is where the SRWRF stock appears. As a solar investment, basic products may help make cryptocurrency mining more beneficial to newcomers because it can reduce utility costs. The nine Meme stocks that social media will not be suspended due to the use of solar energy to withdraw cryptocurrencies are not a new concept. However, as the market attracts mainstream attention, it may become very popular. Although SRWRF stock is a speculative transaction, the “dumb” money is still worth considering. Bitfarms (BFARF) Source: The days when Shutterstock could mine bitcoins on laptops are gone. As the value and popularity of the original digital token increase, its mining difficulty also increases. Now, running a Bitcoin mining operation may cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, and you can’t even guarantee success with such cash expenditures! Therefore, encrypted mining farms or specialized mining centers have suddenly appeared worldwide. Bitfarms is such a mining farm. Conceptually, it is an interesting farm. Using clean and affordable hydropower, BFARF stock represents an environmentally responsible way of mining Bitcoin. In addition, the company operates five mining facilities in Quebec, Canada. Geographically, this seems to be an advantage, as the cold climate should help prevent Bitfarms’ mining equipment from overheating. You might think that this will help extend the life of the equipment and might make BFARF stock a shrewd speculative idea. However, this is a crazy choice, so don’t get involved in unbearable monetary losses. On the launch day, Josh Enomoto held a long-term position at BTC. Josh Enomoto was a senior business analyst at Sony Electronics, and he helped sign important contracts with Fortune Global 500 companies. Over the past few years, he has provided unique and critical insights into the investment market and other industries such as law, construction management and healthcare. More from InvestorPlace Why everyone is investing in 5G. Everyone is wrong. The top stock picker reveals his next potential winner. It doesn’t matter whether you have $500 in savings or $5 million. Do it now. After the first-ranked Biden assumes the post of chairman, the 7 blockchain stocks to buy will surpass the cryptocurrency field and appear on InvestorPlace for the first time.

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