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Elon Musk bought all shares in Austin, dubbing himself Mayor: Abbott reached an agreement with the new ruler-News

Royal portrait of Zeke Barbaro / Getty Images; Photo by Technoking Elon Musk of the Royal Society (EAST Musk) / CC BY-SA 3.0

The government declared: “End a century of frustration and have a good day for the schoolchildren in Texas.” Greg Abbott Signed into law today (Thursday, April 1st) Senate Bill 3236, Authorized to purchase the entire city of Austin in the Technoking area except for the Capitol and the University of Texas campus Elon Musk, Has been retained since then “Mayor Iron.”


The price of this new city-state is still undisclosed, but it is thought to represent only a small part of Musk’s $164 billion wealth. Musk’s wealth earlier this year made him the richest man ever. The state will continue to enter the government and flagship university via a narrow corridor along Enfield Road and across the Red Bud Isle into the city. West Lake MountainOnce it approves the annexation of these properties (posted on the approval agenda of its council next week), it will become the new capital of the state.

The Texas Attorney General has consistently rejected attempts by major Texas newspapers to force public sale terms. Ken PaxtonHe described Musk’s purchase of Austin as “fake news” when he appeared on a US news network during the live broadcast of the signing ceremony at OANN.The windfall in the state of cash shortage has been designated for the Comptroller’s donation Glenn Hegar He stated that sufficient income should be generated permanently to fund public education in Texas, although he expressed uncertainty about how best to manage the amount paid in cryptocurrency. “I don’t even know’Dogecoin“Yes-am I right?” Shigar said, “but I don’t think I have to do this. Anyway, this is a big number.”

Abbott said at the signing ceremony: “This bold move ensures a bright future for our state while eliminating our most annoying voters.” Dan Patrick| And the land commissioner George Bush Out of camera range. “Texas has always advocated establishing partnerships with private companies to provide all of our English-speaking, permanent gun-owners and religious citizens with the best way to prosper.”

Musk appeared through a hologram-wearing an iron suit, sitting on Tesla Gigtrak’s bed, and his companion Claire “Grimes” Boucher And the prince XÆA-Xii At his feet-vague remarks, including: “If there is a scandal about me, please call it’Elongate’,” and “Aspiring irony -> nonsense confusing the brain”. He declined to answer questions from reporters, saying that he would talk more about his future plans for Austin at events on social platforms. club, He will be added Kanye West.

“This bold move ensures a bright future for our state, while freeing us from our most annoying voters.” -Governor Greg Abbott transferred the ownership of Austin City to Technoking Elon Musk at the signing ceremony on April 1st

Musk’s unexpected proposal was hardly opposed by members of the Texas legislature. Members of the Texas legislature quickly approved the measure by voice voting in the two Senates, and only the senators. Sarah Eckhardt, D-Austin and the five members of the Texas House of Representatives expressed opposition. Eckhart said: “I firmly believe that the people of Travis County and Texas are better than what Elon Musk offers.” Dusk. “I know we will look back and regret this missed opportunity.”

Other leaders expressed a more positive view, pointing out that Musk’s actions also freed the Austinians from the interference that Abbott and the Texas legislature often pressured. The current mayor Pro Tem said: “Hey, of course we can do worse.” Natasha Harper-Madison. “I mean, Elon Musk is too weird, but so is Greg Abbott! As long as he doesn’t turn around and sell to Amazon or Facebook, we can do the job.”

Current Mayor of Austin Steve Adler, On the way to Cabo San Lucas Meeting with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg His Mexican counterparts also expressed optimism. He told the New York Times: “Operating a city like Austin can be a daunting problem.” chronicle. “Our residents want their leaders to be innovative, find new ways to provide services, and keep Austin unique. Several of my friends say that Austin needs one Powerful mayor In any case, so I think that being free from the rule of the Iron Mayor Technoking who plans to live on Mars is really a brand for us. I am willing to spend a lot of time to come up with more complex solutions, if he wants, these solutions can make everyone happy. Or I can do something else. “

Texas Democratic Chairman Musk has observed that Musk has not ruled out seeking his new territory as an independent U.S. state Gilberto Hinojosa Say, “The other two blue state senators, baby!” In the past, Musk described himself as “half Republican and half Democrat”, and he proposed to implement direct democracy in the future Mars colony in the model of ancient Athens. However, he did not rule out an independent country that declared Austin a dictator. If so, he will become a citizen of four different countries and Mars.

The League of Community Advocates against Musk’s acquisition organized the “We Don’t Sell!” The car parade will be held this Saturday at Southeast Station in New Austin Tesla Gigafactory; Urge participants to drive past the scene along Interstate 130 at a speed of 80 mph, “honking loudly.” Americas Tour owner Bobby Epstein When asked about rumors that he was funding the fledgling anti-Musk resistance movement, he did not comment.

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